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3 Reasons We’ve Incorporated Flight Data Monitoring Within Our Airline Academy

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On June 21st 2022, L3Harris received the prestigious Aviation Technology Achievement Award at the Air Transport World 48th Annual Airline Industry Achievement Award Ceremony!

But what does it all mean for you, the cadet, and your future airline employer?

1. Pilot training is revolutionised

We’re changing the game. But don’t just take our word for it; the implementation of this technology within our pilot training has been recognised by Air Transport World at their recent award’s ceremony, presenting us with the prestigious Aviation Technology Achievement award.

The flight data technology, currently utilised by L3Harris' airline customers across the globe is now firmly integrated at the very start of your pilot training journey. You’ll be using the same technology that airlines use and receiving the same feedback as experienced pilots.

2. Safety is improved

Safety within aviation is top priority; so that’s why we’re focusing on it at the very start of the pilot training journey. The data captured on all your training flights provides both you and your Instructor with detailed feedback. For example, this information could show you which aspects of the flight went well, and which aspects require improvement.

A key feature of this is the ability to identify patterns early, aiding the learning process and creating a safer flight training environment.

3. Training becomes more efficient

The use of data ultimately mitigates risk and helps move toward what the industry calls competency-based training. But how does that make training more efficient?

Each cadet pilot is different. You may be extremely skilled in one aspect of flying. That’s why we want to use your flight data to prove it. Doing so will allow us to incorporate the data into your training program, perhaps focussing even more on aspects of flying you may need to improve on.

The result at the end of the training journey? A qualified pilot who has continually received tangible insights and has therefore developed the skills they need.

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