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5 Reasons Why – I Like Training at the London Training Centre

  • Article by Max Deacon - L3Harris Integrated ATPL cadet pilot
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I am currently in the ground school phase of my training, which is taking place at the London Training Centre (LTC). Here are 5 reasons why I am very much enjoying my time at LTC.

1. L3Harris instructors

The teams are always on hand to offer support. Alongside this, there is great versatility of instructors to provide the best possible teaching experience no matter the topic whether over Zoom or face-to-face.

2. Teaching approach

Time is given to get to grips with not only the ideas, but also how a particular topic fits into real life examples. This helps provide further understanding to challenging principles and shows how the principles will be applied throughout your career. The instructors have patience and understanding when it comes to teaching all the new materials.

3. Facilities

The depth of facilities at our disposal are second to none. The building itself is outstanding with everything you could need to succeed and enjoy your training.

4. Instructor experience

The knowledge base of instructors is unquestionable. The level of dedication and high standards of training can’t be beat and they certainly have a fine eye for those key bits of information.

5. Classrooms

Lastly, the classroom environment and learning experience during the pandemic has been unique however, the teams working here have made us all feel very welcome during this strange time.

I look forward to incorporating all the different skills and theoretical knowledge into the next stage of my training!

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