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The L3Harris Pilot Placement Pool Is Proof Of An Increase In Pilot Job Opportunities

  • Article by Dave Coward, VP & General Manager, L3Harris Airline Academy
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A question I get asked a lot from aspiring aviators thinking about starting pilot training is: will there be job opportunities available when I graduate? The simple answer: yes.

You might be sceptical about how I can answer with such confidence. After all, L3Harris is invested in pilot training, so a strong pilot job outlook has a positive impact on our business, but there are plenty of positive signs to back up my answer:

  • The 320+ graduates that we’ve found employment for since the start of 2022
  • The 140+ that have found employment this year alone
  • The dwindling numbers in the L3Harris Pilot Placement Pool

What is the Pilot Placement Pool?

At L3Harris we have a Graduate Placement team that manage what we call the Pilot Placement Pool. This is where all students graduate to on successful completion of pilot training. Once in the Pool, our Graduate team work tirelessly to find employment opportunities for graduates. The team also help graduates prepare for airline assessment with skills workshops that include CV writing, interview preparation and group exercises.

Since the start of 2022, we’ve seen the number of graduates in the Pool reduce dramatically, which is great news because it means they have secured jobs with some of Europe’s leading airlines.

  • Number of graduates in Pilot Placement Pool 2022: 550
  • Number of graduates in Pilot Placement Pool at July 2023: 362 (of which 144 have jobs lined-up)

The employment outlook also looks extremely positive for the most recent graduates.

  • Number of students that have graduated since January 2023: 50
  • Number of these graduates that are in employment or will be by end of 2023: 36 (72%)

Of the remaining 14 students that have graduated so far in 2023, 12 have average pass marks of 85% or higher and therefore qualify for the L3Harris/British Airways recruitment pathway. If all 12 are successful it would take the L3Harris graduate employment rate for 2023 to 96% (the same percentage we used to achieve pre-pandemic).

Some of the airlines our graduates are now flying for since January 2022:

Being part of the wider L3Harris Commercial Aviation business - that also manufactures and sells simulators - means we have an extensive list of airline customers and relationships across the globe. It’s this network that enables us to find so many employment opportunities with some of the world’s leading airlines. Below are just some examples of airlines our graduates are now flying with as First or Second Officers.

Thinking About Making the Next Step?

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