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What jobs can you get with a Private Pilot Licence?

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A Private Pilot Licence allows you to fly aircraft, with or without passengers on board. Some people aim to obtain a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) so that they can fly as part of their hobby, but the PPL offers much more and is often the first milestone in your piloting career.

While a Private Pilot Licence brings you closer to a job as a pilot, it is not sufficient if you want to work as one, as you are not allowed to fly in exchange for remuneration. If you want to become a pilot and work for an airline, we recommend you get a commercial pilot licence through our Integrated ATPL course.

Aviation career paths

As a holder of a Private Pilot Licence, there are still plenty of opportunities open to you. We’ve listed some of the best aviation careers below.

Become a Flight Instructor

You could become a Flight Instructor. As a Flight Instructor you can pass on the knowledge you have acquired to your students and prepare them for the examinations to obtain their own PPL.

Join a charity

Another career path you could pursue once you obtain your Private Pilot Licence is to lend your skills to a non-profit organisation. Some charities - based on their activity - may require certain employees or volunteers to hold a valid PPL medical certificate, 250 hours of flight time, an Instrument Rating and access to a suitable aircraft.

Become a salesperson

Have you ever thought about combining your passion for flying with a career in sales? As a holder of a Private Pilot Licence (PPL), you can take a potential buyer on board an aircraft to demonstrate the capabilities of the aircraft during a test flight. In this case, you can be indirectly compensated as holder of a PPL, as the compensation relates to the sale of the aircraft and not to the flight itself.

What jobs can you get with a Commercial Pilot Licence?

With a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) you are another step closer to launching a career as a pilot, as with this licence you are authorised to fly in exchange for payment. With a CPL, you can work in fields such as agriculture, or in professions such as aerial photography. However, to be able to fly for an airline in the UK or Europe, you need an Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL).

A Private Pilot Licence offers you the fantastic opportunity to enter the world of aviation, whether you want to begin flying as a hobby or continue your education and build a career on it.

L3Harris has a wealth of experience and will be happy to assist you with this decision. We have also put together a range of information on cost and funding as well as career opportunities. For more information check out our courses on becoming a pilot or get in touch.

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