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Mysa Abukar Shares Her Story During Women In Aviation Month

  • Article by Mysa Abukar - L3Harris Airline Academy Cadet
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Hi, my name is Mysa Abukar! I’ve currently finished Ground School at the London Training Centre and I will be sitting my last few exams in the upcoming weeks.

I’ve always wanted to be a pilot since a very young age and it’s been something my father also wanted to pursue but couldn’t at the time. I am now pursuing both his and my dream job, which is what is keeping me driven knowing that I am making him proud! 

So far my training has been quite a challenge but also has taught me a lot about perseverance and patience. Determination is a key factor for ground school as again it is a tough part of becoming a commercial pilot, but you must keep going and never give up. My time in ground school also helped me expand my knowledge about the aviation industry itself and meet a lot of new faces!

Currently, the airline industry is male-dominated, but that hasn’t stopped me from pursing my dream. It’s what is keeping me going and knowing that in the future I can also inspire other woman who wish to join aviation. It’s a shock to most people when I tell them that I am training to become a commercial pilot as it’s something that isn’t heard of much or seen a lot. I love to travel and also love change in my life which is what also inspired me want to be a pilot since it’s a job where you are always travelling to new locations.

The Instructors at L3Harris are great at what they do and tailor each lesson on their experience in the industry. I think this helps a lot as you get to understand the reality of being a pilot.

During this experience I’ve learnt that this is not just a dream job but something that I am keen to achieve in the near future. I’ve learnt that I am quite vocal and more confident in myself, and I have also been able to pick up on a lot of new skills here at L3Harris which are essential to becoming a pilot. 

I’m most excited to use all the theoretical experiences and knowledge I have acquired and apply that to more practical scenarios. My time in Florida will give me the great boost that I need where I will be actively involved in flying and knowing what it’s like to be in that environment. I am also really looking forward to travelling the world and exploring different countries while learning about different cultures in my career as a commercial pilot. 

My advice to someone who’s thinking of becoming a pilot is don’t let a male-dominated role demotivate you. Stick with your dreams just like I did as it will really pay off in the future! 

Thank you for reading about my story and good luck in your future endeavors in the aviation industry!

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