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The main differences between obtaining a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) and a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) include:

  • Upon successful completion of your PPL, you can fly a private aircraft with non-commercial passengers, whereas your CPL allows you to seek employment as an Instructor or pilot (on aircraft with less than nine passengers)
  • Little to no experience is required to start your PPL training. However, to begin your CPL course, you must already hold a PPL, MEP and BIFM, have built up 150 hours of flight time and passed your ATPL Theoretical Knowledge exams
  • A PPL course takes 15 weeks to complete, while a CPL takes 4 weeks
  • The cost of the PPL is £19,050 and our CPL course costs £12,900

If you intend to fly just for pleasure, a Private Pilot Licence is the most suitable option. However if you want to embark on a career as a pilot, a Commercial Pilot Licence is the most appropriate course for you.

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