How much does flight school cost?

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How much flight school costs depends entirely on the pilot training course you choose to enrol on.

It is no secret that becoming a pilot is a large investment, however, the cost of pilot training is reflective of the future benefits and rewards you can expect to receive when you become a qualified commercial pilot. 

Our pilot training course costs are as follows:

Integrated ATPL = £94,960 (includes bespoke accommodation offering)

BSc (Hons) Aviation - Pilot Programme = Varies based on level of student finance

Flexible ATPL = £99,500 (includes bespoke accommodation offering)

Private Pilot Licence = £17,500

Hours Building = £22,500

Theoretical Knowledge (Classroom-Based Learning) = £7,950

Theoretical Knowledge (Distance Learning) = £2,650

Basic Instrument Flight Module = £6,750

Multi-Engine Piston Class Rating = £7,000

Commercial Pilot Licence = £12,000

Instrument Rating = £21,500

APS MCC = £8,900

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