Modular ATPL vs Integrated ATPL

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Whether Modular vs Integrated is right for you, is entirely dependant on a number of factors including:

  • Cost
  • Learning approach
  • Career prospects

Integrated ATPL is a direct approach to pilot training and takes you from zero flying experience to a qualified commercial pilot licence in approximately 70 weeks. You will have to pay a cost of £94,960 to cover:

  • Accommodation throughout Flight Training in Florida 
  • Access to the L3Harris Training Assurance and Graduate Placement Pool
  • All training and equipment
  • Uniform (excluding flight bag)
  • Airfield fees
  • Air travel between training locations during the course
  • Licence issue
  • 13 x Theoretical Knowledge exams (first attempt)

Modular ATPL is a modular approach to pilot training enabling you to learn in bitesize chunks in your own time at your own pace. You will pay for each course as you go:

  • Private Pilot Licence
  • Theoretical Knowledge (classroom)
  • Theoretical Knowledge (distance learning)
  • Hours Building
  • MEP CPL & IR
  • Airline Pilot Standard (APS) Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC)

The modular approach to pilot training is suitable if you want to learn to fly alongside other commitments such as work or family. Similarly, Modular pilot training may be the most suitable approach for you if you’re unsure whether you want to become a private pilot, commercial airline pilot, want a career in aviation entirely or are looking for a career change.

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