Private Pilot Licence with Night Rating training cost

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A Private Pilot Licence is required to start your Modular ATPL training. Whether you want to learn to fly as a hobby or to become a commercial airline pilot - you’ll need to start with PPL training - learn how to become a private pilot. We also include Night Rating within our PPL training which enables cadets to fly at night using Visual Flight Rules (VFR).

The Private Pilot Licence course cost includes:

  • The cost of training
  • Airport fees
  • Licence issues
  • Uniform
  • PPL Theory Training
  • Air Law exam

Additional pilot training costs to consider:

  • Accommodation (if required)
  • Flight training equipment
  • Selection fees (currently free of charge)
  • English Language (IELTS) Test (if applicable)
  • Class 1 Medical
  • CAA Flight Test and licence application fees
  • Daily transport cost from accommodation to training location (if applicable)
  • Food and personal living
  • Personal travel
  • Insurances

Private Pilot Licence