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There are several approaches to pilot training; each training approach is designed to equip you with the qualification needed to apply for a role as a First Officer with the ultimate goal of becoming a Captain.

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Step 1 - Attend an Open Day

Why not visit one our Open Days or upcoming events? You’ll have the opportunity to learn about the campus, find out more information about the pilot programmes we offer, chat with current cadets as well as Instructors and career advisers.

Ultimately, our Open Days and events will help you get a real feel for life at L3Harris Airline Academy during your pilot training.


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One of our Open Days

Step 2 - Licence

You’ll need to decide whether you want to obtain your UKCAA licence or EASA licence.

A UKCAA licence is issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) enabling you to become a pilot for airlines registered in the UK.

An EASA licence is approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) enabling you to become a pilot for airlines registered in Europe.

Training Programmes

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A pre-flight check

Step 3 – Consider Your Funding

Pilot training is a large investment which requires a lot of thought and preparation.

We are not able to offer any pilot training financial advice however, we would suggest that potential candidates speak with their families and a variety of banks, lenders and independent financial advisers who will be best placed to discuss the finance and funding solutions available for pilot training.

Ensure you have the means of funding your pilot training prior to applying.

Financial Advisers    

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In flight

Step 4 - Speak to our team and apply!

1. To apply for our programmes, you’ll need to click the 'Apply now’ button on the programme page (or via the link below):

2. Once you have registered your details via the application form, you will receive an email to verify your account.

3. Once you verify your account, you can then complete the application form, including details such as any current qualifications and your education history.

4. The L3Harris Selection team screen your application and, if successful, will advise you of the next steps!

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Step 5 - You’ve Passed Selection!

Once you’ve passed selection, the process to organise a start date begins. Our Pilot Careers team will contact you to agree on a suitable start date.

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Training begins

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