Need Financial Guidance
for Pilot Training?

We know how difficult it can be accessing funding for training, and this is why we have teamed up with two independent financial advisers who can talk through the options that are right for you. The teams from Morrinson Wealth and Parallel Wealth Management, both part of the St James’ Place Partnership, are available to support you through the process of funding your pilot training.

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Funding Your Pilot Training

There are many options available to you depending on the amount of funding you require, and your personal circumstances. Options include savings or investments, lending, income, capital raising or a mix of the options. What is best for you will depend on your personal circumstances, and seeking professional advice is crucial in understanding the most efficient pathway for you.

L3Harris Airline Academy are not able to provide financial advice, which is why we have teamed up with Morrinson Wealth and Parallel Wealth Management, two highly qualified independent financial advisers who can have conversations with you and your family about your options.

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About St James' Place

SJP is one of the UK’s largest, advice-led wealth management companies. They to provide tailored one-to-one financial advice delivered by one of their 4,500+ advisers. SJP have partnered with these financial advisers to build longstanding relationships so you can confidently make the right financial decisions.

  • Over 30 years of experience 
  • Over £143 billion in managed funds
  • Awarded The Wealth Management Company of the Year at the City of London Wealth Management Awards 2023
  • Awarded the Best Financial Adviser at the Personal Finance Awards 2022/2023

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About Morrinson Wealth

Morrinson Wealth value integrity, connection and trust, and understand that finances are a personal matter. With over 100 expert advisers, they are committed to providing a high quality and personal service. 

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About Parallel Wealth Management

PWM specialises in providing high-quality personal advice on many aspects of wealth management, and advises clients of different backgrounds and ages.

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Morrinson Wealth and Parallel Wealth Management Answer Your FAQs

What funding options are available to me?

This can come from a range of sources – savings/investments, income, lending, capital raise and a mix thereof. Professional advice is crucial in understanding what the most efficient direction of travel.

Where I can get any type of loan that I can start repaying after I get a job

A typical lender would look to have a repayment plan in place, and one option would be to look to scale the repayments if there were a positive change of circumstances.

If such loan is not available, is there a loan with low principal payments / low interest rate while I am in school and then the payments increase after I get a job?

Some loans will have this facility yes.

Other than a loan, how could I fund the training course?

This could be from multiple sources as a blended approach. So, typical lending, asset backed lending, portions of income, investments and solution comprised of part and part of all of these. The reality is that everybody’s situation is unique and their needs are therefore disparate and varied. There’s no “one size fits all” approach so creating a bespoke strategy to meeting your needs means that you can leverage all available opportunities.

Do I need a financial sponsor / loan guarantor?

If it’s not asset backed, then yes.

Can I get a loan for part of the fees?


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