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Your journey to becoming a pilot

If you have aspirations of becoming a commercial pilot then L3Harris Airline Academy could be the right choice for you. At L3Harris we take student pilots with little or no flying experience to fully qualified commercial pilots in as little as 72 weeks!

Why a pilot’s life is worth discovering:

  • An attractive salary
  • Rewarding career
  • Travel the world
  • Take your 9-5 to the skies
  • Healthcare and travel perks
  • Build lifelong friendships

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Pilot training

Our pilot training programmes equip you with all the knowledge and flying skills you need to launch a career as a commercial pilot or private pilot:

  • UKCAA Integrated ATPL - Our UK-based Integrated ATPL pilot training is designed to take you from little to no flying experience to fully qualified airline pilot in approximately 72 weeks. You could be flying for airlines registered in the UK such as easyJet or British Airways
  • EASA Integrated ATPL - Our Portugal-based Integrated ATPL pilot training means you’ll also become a qualified airline pilot in approximately 89 weeks, however, you’ll be working for airlines registered in Europe such as Ryanair, Turkish Airlines and TAP Air Portugal
  • Modular ATPL - Helps you train to become a commercial pilot in your own time and at your own pace; fitting around your schedule and commitments you can pay as you train
  • Aviation degree with University of Central Lancashire - This University degree combined with pilot training prepares students for a career as a professional pilot and enables cadets to obtain two qualifications: an aviation degree and an ATPL
  • Private Pilot Licence - This pilot training enables you to secure your Private Pilot Licence so you can command a private aircraft with non-commercial passengers both day and night exercising visual flight rules (VFR)
Pilot training courses

Have you recently graduated high school or university?

Have you recently graduated from school or university? Choosing what to do next can be one of your biggest challenges yet.

How to decide what to do next:

  • Concentrate on what you’re passionate about
  • Ask yourself; ‘what type of person am I?’
  • Do your research
  • Don’t panic

Becoming a commercial pilot can be a very rewarding career choice and you don’t need any previous flying experience to start your pilot journey with us.

Next steps after your education

Get in touch today and start your journey!

Do you have any questions about starting your pilot training journey at L3Harris Airline Academy? Please send us a message and our Airline Pilot Careers Advice Team will be happy to assist.


Are you thinking about a career change?

Signs it’s time for a career change:

  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • You’re only there for the money
  • Dreaming of a different career
  • Lacking energy and motivation
  • Forgetting why you started
  • Envious of your friends & families’ jobs

Don’t regret the choice you didn’t make, it’s easy to take that first step on your pilot journey today.

Thinking about a career change?

Get in touch today and start your journey!

Do you have any questions about starting your pilot training journey at L3Harris Airline Academy? Please send us a message and our Airline Pilot Careers Advice Team will be happy to assist.


Do you live overseas but want to train in the UK?

Traveling overseas to study can be truly rewarding. You’ll meet and train alongside like-minded people and make friendships for life.

We appreciate it’s a big financial commitment, but we’ll help you source accommodation and settle into your new surroundings.

Tips for relocating to the UK:

  • Apply for a Student visa, if necessary
  • Plan your funding
  • Open a student bank account
  • Make sure your passport and driving licence is valid
  • Take out health insurance & travel insurance
  • Arrange your travel to and from the airport to your accommodation
  • Make sure any prescription medicine is in date & bring copies of medical certificates
Live overseas and want to become a commercial pilot?

Get in touch today and start your journey!

Do you have any questions about starting your pilot training journey at L3Harris Airline Academy? Please send us a message and our Airline Pilot Careers Advice Team will be happy to assist.


What pilot jobs are available when I graduate?

Our pilot training programmes are designed to be the first step into a rewarding career in aviation.

At L3Harris, our priority is landing you with your first job as a Co-Pilot with a world-class airline. With our strong and long-lasting relationships with airlines across the globe, the number of airlines recruiting our graduates is forever growing. You could go on to secure a role with the likes of British Airways, easyJet, Icelandair, IndiGo, Royal Brunei, TAP, Turkish and Wizz Air.

We have a dedicated Graduate Placement Pool to help you secure your first role as a First Officer; second in command to the Captain.

Once you have more flying hours under your belt, you can begin progressing into the role of Senior First Officer and the upwards to a Captain's role or flying a larger aircraft.

Our airline relationships

How much does pilot training cost?

Whether you’ve just finished school, are thinking about a career change or you’re traveling from overseas, pilot training is a significant investment in your future.

A future with an attractive salary, career progression, a certification obtained from a leading UK Airline Academy, and plenty of other perks like healthcare.

Our pilot training course costs:

We are unable to provide airline pilot funding advice, however, most of our pilot training courses are self-funded by way of either savings or a loan secured against a UK property.

Pilot training costs and how to fund it

Why L3Harris Airline Academy?

  • Courses approved by the UKCAA and EASA
  • State of the art facilities & a modern training fleet with over 100 single-engine and multi-engine aircraft equipped with the latest technology - Diamond DA-40 Star, Piper PA28 and Diamond DA42
  • Excellent first-time pass rate on ground school exams
  • Dedicated graduate placement team to help fund your first role as a Co-Pilot
  • 5 global Academy locations to train to become a pilot
  • 40+ years heritage in pilot training

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Start your journey to being an airline pilot

Have the benefits of being a pilot sold to you? Start your journey to becoming a commercial pilot with L3Harris Airline Academy today. Our Integrated ATPL and Modular ATPL course are two of the most popular routes to starting a career as a pilot. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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