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Flight schools and training locations in the UK & U.S.

We are proud to have world-class pilot schools in the UK and U.S., providing exceptional facilities for cadets to train to become commercial pilots. Our flight schools are approved by the UKCAA and EASA. You have peace of mind knowing our private & commercial pilot training courses follow the highest standards.

If you are looking to enhance your cadet training and kickstart your pilot career with world-class instructors and high-specification equipment, apply to one of our aviation schools in the UK or U.S. today.

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L3Harris’ Flight Schools in the UK and U.S.

At L3Harris Airline Academy, our cadets train at state-of-the-art facilities in the UK and U.S. on their journey to becoming a pilot:

Each of our training facilities offer a unique approach to pilot training and are home to high-tech training equipment, including Full Flight Simulators. Whether you are applying for our Integrated ATPL course, or any other programme, you will receive industry-leading training that will develop the necessary skills to start your career as a First Officer and begin earning a pilot salary.

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L3Harris Aviation School Facilities

What makes our flight schools in the UK and U.S. stand out as the best training centres in the world is their exceptional facilities. When you train at our flight schools, you can expect to find:

  • Impressive training devices, including Full Flight Simulators, Flat Panel Trainers and Fixed-Base Training Devices
  • Supportive teams
  • Accommodation and shuttle services
  • World-class training fleets

Learn more below about each of our aviation schools in the UK and U.S., including which part of your pilot training you will be doing at which training centre.

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Our technology

London Training Centre

Our state-of-the-art London Training Centre, near Gatwick Airport, is positioned to deliver both ground school training and the final phases in our RealitySeven Full Flight Simulators.

When you enrol on a pilot training course at our flight academy, you will have access to world-leading technologies, including high-specification classrooms and fixed-base training devices.

To make attending our pilot school stress-free, we offer accommodation nearby; transport links to the London Training Centre are brilliant, too.

Take a look at why our London Training Centre, the newest of our flying schools in the UK, is the ideal place to become a pilot.

London Training Centre

Our London Training Centre

Orlando Flight School

All students in our Integrated ATPL programmes and Degree Programme complete the basic flight training phase of training at our beautifully located Orlando Flight School in Sanford, Florida. 

Our Florida Flight School has been equipped with purpose built facilities and an impressive fleet of training aircraft, including Piper Seminole and Piper Archer PA28.

If you have applied for our flight academy in the UK, your accommodation for this part of your pilot course will be included in the overall cost of your pilot training. Learn more about our world-class Orlando Flight School.

Orlando Flight School

Flight training in Florida

Cranfield Training Centre

Based at Cranfield University, world-renowned for its aeronautical research and development, our Cranfield Training Centre delivers advanced flight training phases of Integrated ATPL and our Degree ATPL.

We pride ourselves on making our aviation schools easily accessible. This is why we offer on-campus accommodation at Lanchester Hall.

Find out more about why Cranfield Training Centre is one of the best flying schools in the UK.

Cranfield Training Centre

Our Cranfield Training Centre

Why Choose an L3Harris Flight School?

When you train at one of our industry-leading pilot schools in the UK or U.S., you will be given the unique opportunity to:

  • Develop the skills needed to become a pilot
  • Have guidance from experienced Instructors
  • Use state-of-the-art flight simulation technologies
  • Meet like-minded cadets and become part of a community
  • Enhance your career prospects due to our strong airline relationships

If you have any questions about any of our aviation schools in the UK or US, want to learn how to apply for one of our pilot courses or find out about entry criteria, please get in touch with us today.

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Flight School FAQs

What fleet do you have at your flight schools?

We have an impressive training fleet of over 100 aircraft that are equipped with the latest technology such as Garmin G1000 Electronic Flight Instruments (EFIS) as well as the latest version of the Traffic Advisory System (TAS).

We also have a range of flat panel trainers, fixed training devices (FTD) and our flagship RealitySeven Full Flight Simulators.

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How do I get into flight school?

To enrol on a pilot training course at one of L3Harris’ flight schools, you will need to complete the selection process. The selection process will look something like this:

  • Once you have completed your application for your chosen pilot training program, it will be screened by our selection team
  • Providing your application passes our screening process you will then be invited to a one-day selection event, either remotely (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday), or in-person (Wednesday) at our London Training Centre located near Gatwick Airport
  • Prior to your selection day you will be asked to complete an online behavioural assessment

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What should I consider when looking for a flight school?

There are a number of things you should consider when looking for a flight school, including:

Integrated vs Modular training programmes

Integrated training programmes combine all elements of pilot training in one course with a single approved ATO. They are designed to train cadets with little to no flying experience to become a qualified Co-Pilot.

Modular training programmes on the other hand allow pilot cadets more flexibility with their training. The ATPL course is broken down into modules that can be studied individually/separately allowing cadets to work in between modules to pay for future training. All modules must be completed within three years of passing the Theoretical Knowledge exams.


The quality of training you can expect to receive as well as the state-of-the-art facilities you have access to at L3Harris flight schools is reflected in the cost of our pilot training programmes. Not only that, but we are also renowned for our excellent pass rate and pilot placement rate.

For more information on the cost of our pilot training courses, please visit our course cost breakdown.

Safety records & reputation

When looking for a flight school, take into consideration a flight school’s safety record and reputation before making a decision. This will give you a good indication of the quality of training you can expect to receive during your training programme.

Career development & prospects

It is important to look for a flight school that offers career development opportunities and support to help you with your career prospects. At L3Harris, we offer help with CV writing, mock interviews and teaching interview techniques to ensure cadets have the necessary skills and preparation to help them secure a role as a Co-Pilot.

Thousands of our graduates now fly for airlines across the world. Click here for the latest employment information!

Training facilities & equipment

Access to modern training facilities and the latest training equipment will be an important factor in your decision-making process.

Facilities & equipment differ from flight school to flight school; however, cadets will have access to training aircraft, Full Flight Simulators and flight training devices to name a few. We also provide accommodation and sports facilities if cadets are required to stay away from home.


Instructors at your flight school will have a big influence on your pilot training experience and your standard of teaching. It is also important to build strong relationships with your instructors so that you both feel comfortable, motivated and interested in learning to achieve the best outcome.

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How much does flight school cost?

How much flight school costs depends entirely on the pilot training course you choose to enrol on.

It is no secret that becoming a pilot is a large investment, however, the cost of pilot training is reflective of the future benefits and rewards you can expect to receive when you become a qualified commercial pilot. 

Our pilot training course costs are as follows:

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How long does it take to complete flight school?

How long it takes to complete flight school depends on the training you undertake.

To become a commercial airline pilot it takes approximately 70 weeks.

Our course durations:

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