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Our Airline Academy offers UKCAA & EASA approved pilot training courses from our modern flight schools in the UK and Portugal. We offer Integrated ATPL, Modular ATPL and university degree pilot training programmes.

Start your journey to obtaining your UKCAA or EASA licence today!

We are a global leader in airline pilot training and our graduates are highly sought after by airlines around the world. In fact, thousands of our pilot training graduates are now flying as Captains and First Officers for major airlines such as easyJet, British Airways and Ryanair.

Pilot training will be delivered by industry-leading nstructors. In addition, cadets have access to state-of-the-art facilities such Flight Training Devices (FTDs) and aircraft equipped with Garmin G1000 Electronic Flight Instruments (EFIS).


Integrated ATPL

Our Integrated ATPL pilot training courses take you from little or no experience to becoming a qualified commercial pilot at one of the largest and best-equipped flight schools in Europe.

A UKCAA licence is issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) enabling you to become a pilot for airlines registered in the UK.

An EASA licence is approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) enabling you to become a pilot for airlines registered in the EU.

On successful completion, cadets will graduate with Theoretical Knowledge, CPL/IR MEP rating, APS MCC certificate and UPRT rating. These combined are known as ‘frozen’ ATPL and is the minimum requirement to start a rewarding career flying commercial passenger or cargo aircraft.

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UKCAA Integrated ATPL course

UKCAA Integrated ATPL is a full-time course designed to take you from little or no experience to becoming a qualified pilot for airlines registered in the UK.

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EASA Integrated ATPL course

EASA Integrated ATPL is a full-time course designed to take you from little or no experience to becoming a qualified pilot for airlines registered in the EU.

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Kuwait Professional Pilot Training

We have been training pilots for Kuwait Airways for the past year and currently have Kuwaiti cadets in Ground School and flight training in the UK and Europe.

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Aviation Industry Recovery Scholarship

As the airline industry emerges from the global downturn, L3Harris is showing its commitment to aspiring pilots by launching the AIR Scholarship.

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Female Scholarship Integrated ATPL

At L3Harris we are passionate about encouraging more diversity onto the flight deck, helping to build a more inclusive future.


Modular ATPL

Our Modular ATPL pilot training route is designed for aspiring pilots who want the flexibility to learn in their own time and pay as they train.

The Modular ATPL course includes everything required to become a commercial pilot in affordable chunks, from Private Pilot Licence (PPL) onwards. 

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Modular ATPL courses

Our Modular ATPL allows you to pay and train to become a pilot in bitesize chunks so you can train at your own pace, in your own time.

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Private Pilot Licence (PPL) Training Course

Become a private pilot with our PPL training consisting of 45hrs in a single-engine aircraft and 5hrs Night Rating.

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Hours Building Course

The Hours Building programme could help fast track you to the 150 flight hours needed to start the next phase of training.

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ATPL Theoretical Knowledge (Classroom Based)

Our ATPL Theoretical Knowledge study is designed to equip you with a solid foundation to enable you to progress from ground school training to flight training.

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ATPL Theory Course (E-Learning)

Our ATPL Theory E-Learning is an approved distance learning programme and includes interactive presentations, computer-based training and formal class tuition.

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MEP & IR with CPL

Our MEP & IR with CPL training is an essential step in launching your career as a commercial airline pilot.

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APS MCC course

An industry standard for pilots at entry-level. The aim of APS MCC is to equip them with the core competencies to safely operate a complex, multi-crew aircraft.


Higher education

Integrate a university degree with your pilot training. All aspects of your commercial pilot training experience will count towards your degree and you’ll gain two professional qualifications (ATPL licence and BSc(Hons) degree) to kick start your career in aviation!

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BSc (Hons) Aviation - Pilot Programme

The BSc (Hons) Aviation – Pilot Programme has been designed to prepare students for a career as a professional pilot.


Upgrade courses

From our purpose built training facility and management centre in Gatwick, L3Harris Training Services delivers effective, competence-based training for professional pilots at any stage of their career ensuring the needs of the individual and the airline customer are supported through the provision of high-quality, professional training.

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AQC to APS MCC Upgrade Course

Airline Qualification Course (AQC) to Airline Pilot Standard Multi-Crew Certification (APS MCC) Upgrade Course.


Airline programmes

We build strong connections and long-standing relationships with airlines worldwide, providing excellent opportunities for our cadet pilots.

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IndiGo Cadet Pilot Programme

Selected by IndiGo from day one, you will embark upon a unique route of training.

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L3Harris Integrated ATPL in partnership with Royal Brunei

L3Harris Airline Academy Integrated ATPL in partnership with Royal Brunei.

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Jetstar Asia Cadet Training Programme (CAAS CPL/MEIR with ATPL)

Jetstar Asia is offering to select and guide you as you embark upon a unique route of training which takes you directly to the role of junior First Officer.

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Icelandair Cadet Pilot Programme

Icelandair is working with L3Harris Airline Academy to train and develop aspiring pilots to join the airline as First Officers.

Applications currently closed

Cadet Pilot Programme with Hong Kong Airlines

L3Harris Airline Academy has launched an outstanding airline pilot career programme with Hong Kong Airlines (HKA).

Applications currently closed

L3Harris Integrated ATPL with Wizz Air

L3Harris and Wizz Air have teamed up to offer an exciting opportunity for aspiring pilots.

Applications currently closed

Virgin Atlantic Future Flyers Programme

Launch your airline pilot career with one of the world's most iconic airlines, Virgin Atlantic.

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British Airways Cadet Programme

Launch your airline pilot career with one of the world's premium airlines, British Airways.

How to become a pilot in the UK and Europe

Our Airline Academy is equipped to start your career as a pilot, whether you’re just leaving school or later in life. L3Harris help people reach their dreams.

Pilot Training FAQs

What qualifications do I need to commence my pilot training?

To begin pilot training you’ll need the following qualifications:

  • A minimum of five GCSEs grade C/4 or above, or international equivalent, for example in Portugal: Secondary School (Year 12) completion certificate; which must include Maths, English and Science

You will also need:

  • UKCAA Class 1 Medical Certification (without restrictions for UKCAA licence) or EASA Class 1 Medical Certification (without restrictions) for an EASA licence
  • You must have the unrestricted right to live, study and work in either the UK or the European Economic Area (EEA)/Switzerland depending on where you study. Alternatively, you will have to meet the United Kingdom Visa & Immigration Service (UKVI) or EU requirements to qualify for an applicable visa enabling you to study. Further details on visa requirements are listed on individual course pages
  • Produce a clean criminal record check (CRC) basic disclosure certificate

How much does pilot training cost and how can I fund my pilot training?

The cost of pilot training varies depending on the course you’re looking to undertake.  

All our training programmes are self-funded by way of either savings or a loan secured typically against a UK property. We are not able to offer any financial advice however, we would suggest that potential candidates speak with their families and a variety of banks, lenders and independent financial advisers who will be best placed to discuss the products that may be available. For more information, please read our guide to funding 

How long does it take to become a pilot?

Typically, Integrated ATPL courses take 72 weeks to complete, depending on capacity and scheduling. For more information, please visit our UKCAA Integrated ATPL course page.

For our EASA Integrated ATPL course, the timeline is 89 weeks. Find out more here.

Modular ATPL training is more flexible than the integrated approach and cadets have three years to complete training once they have passed their Theoretical Knowledge exams. For more information, please visit our Modular ATPL course page.

What are my career prospects?

Our focus is helping you achieve your future career aspirations, whether that's to become a private pilot or a qualified commercial pilot.

If you successfully obtain your PPL, you can go on to command single-engine private aircraft for non-commercial passengers.

On the other hand, once you have successfully secured your ‘frozen’ ATPL, you can kick start your career as a First Officer, second-in-command to the airline Captain. Enabling you to go on and build your theoretical and practical experience to eventually secure a role as Captain.

Discover your career prospects

Do you have partnerships with airlines in Europe?

We are committed to maintaining and growing airline relationships so that we are able to offer our graduates the highest-quality, airline-focused training and unrivaled career opportunities. In turn we have built a reputation as a trusted provider of the highest-calibre pilots in the industry.

What is the difference between EASA and UKCAA?

EASA stands for the European Union Aviation Safety Agency. An EASA licence enables you to fly an EASA-registered aircraft for an airline in the European Union. EASA aircraft fall under the regulations of the European Safety Agency.

UKCAA stands for the UK Civil Aviation Authority. A UKCAA licence enables you to fly a UK-registered aircraft. UKCAA aircraft fall under the regulations of the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

Do you offer a dual licence for UKCAA & EASA?

Yes, we do. The dual licence allows cadets to complete both a UKCAA and EASA licence in one combined course. Cadets will be required to take both UKCAA and EASA Theoretical Knowledge exams. There will also be additional flying hours to meet both regulatory authority requirements plus skills tests that must be taken in both UK and EU airspace. The price of the dual licence is £85,950 and potentially opens up greater employment opportunities as cadets will be qualified to work for airlines registered and operating under either the UKCAA or EASA. Please note however, if you wish to work in the EU will must have a right to live and work in the EU.

Can I choose where I do my pilot training?

No, you can not choose where to do your pilot training. We have flight schools across the UK and in Portugal. Ground school is typically completed in the UK at our London Training Centre (LTC) near Gatwick. Whilst your flight training could take place in Bournemouth or Cranfield in the UK, or Ponte de Sor in Portugal.

In the case of EASA ATPL course, all training take place at our facilities in Ponte de Sor.

All of our flight schools are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and training is delivered by vastly experienced instructors.

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