• Course summary
    Course summary
    • Cost: £1,295.00 (excluding VAT)
    • The upgrade course will build on your MCC experience through a 1-day intensive Ground School course, followed by 8 hours of flight in our state of the art Fixed Based Flight Training Device
    • Both of these will allow you to meet the requirements of the APS MCC

Pilot training courses

AQC to APS MCC Upgrade Course

Airline Qualification Course (AQC) to Airline Pilot Standard Multi-Crew Certification (APS MCC) Upgrade Course.

From our purpose built training facility and management centre in Gatwick, L3Harris Training Services delivers effective, competence-based training for professional pilots at any stage of their career ensuring the needs of the individual and the airline customer are supported through the provision of high-quality, professional training.

Course overview

Our team is made up of experienced airline personnel with extensive operational and management experience in the training departments of major airlines and, in some cases, regulatory authorities.

As the aviation industry emerges from the impact of COVID-19, operators have commenced the recruitment of qualified crew and pilots to train in order to meet their planned growth in operations. As a newly qualified pilot, you will want to compete on even terms with those applying to airline pilot roles.

The cost of this course is: £1,295.00 (excluding VAT).


Why undertake an AQC to APS MCC Upgrade Course?

Airlines are actively seeking qualified pilots who hold Airline Pilot Standards (APS) Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) certificates, which are now required for applications to join a type rating course. Whilst MCC is still an acceptable route to achieve this, you may feel the APS MCC will give you an equal opportunity to apply for any advertised role.

L3Harris can now offer an Airline Qualification Course (AQC) / Multi-Crew Certification (MCC) upgrade course to achieve the APS MCC which is demanded by a growing number of commercial operators.

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Ground school will:

  • Update your knowledge on the regulatory requirements which govern the operations of a commercial airline
  • Enhance your threat and error management skills
  • Prepare you for the technical aspects of managing a modern jet

The 2-day simulator phase will include managing a Boeing 737 NG or Airbus A320 aircraft in a commercial setting, employing your competence to safely operate the aircraft during normal and non-normal operations. You and your simulator partner will work together to maintain safe operations and complete the APS assessment.

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Entry criteria for this course

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AQC to APS MCC Upgrade Course

Entry criteria

See below for a full breakdown of entry requirements for the AQC to APS MCC Upgrade Course:

Licence requirements

An applicant for the AQC to APS MCC upgrade course shall comply with the following requirement as per Part-FCL 720A:


1. Hold a multi-engine IR(A)

2. Hold a Commercial Pilot Licence CPL(A) or frozen ATPL(A)

3. Passed the L3Harris AQC or equivalent MCC course

Medical requirements

Trainees should hold a valid medical certificate issued in accordance with Part-MED.

English language

Proficiency in the English language must be demonstrated.


How long does the course take?

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AQC to APS MCC Upgrade Course

AQC to APS MCC Upgrade Course footprint

  • 3 days total
  • 1 day ground
  • 2x 4-hr sessions Flight Training



Time & Location

Ground school

APS MCC training

8 hours

London Training Centre

Synthetic training

Advanced Swept-Wing Jet Aeroplane Training


Advanced Airline Operations Scenario Training

2 x 4-hour sessions

London Training Centre

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