• Course summary
    Course summary
    • Status: Full-time
    • Duration: Approximately 3 years, subject to scheduling
    • Dates: First intake - September 2021
    • Qualification: ATPL + BSc (Hons)
    • Required experience: Little or none
    • Employment: Pilot or aviation industry
  • Graduation qualifications
    Graduation qualifications
    • BSc(Hons) degree
    • ATPL Theoretical Knowledge training
    • Commercial Pilot Licence with Multi-Engine and Instrument Rating (CPL/MEP/IR)
    • Airline Pilot Standards Multi-Crew Cooperation (APS MCC) certificate
    • Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT)
    • ATPL Theoretical Knowledge, CPL MEP IR, APS MCC and UPRT combined are known as an ATPL
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Pilot training courses

BSc (Hons) Aviation - Pilot Degree Programme - University of Central Lancashire

The BSc (Hons) Aviation – Pilot Programme has been designed to prepare students for a career as a professional pilot. The programme has been developed between L3Harris and the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) and is approved by aviation regulators UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Pilot training will follow the Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) syllabus and all credits earned during pilot training count towards the final degree. On successful completion of the course you’ll graduate with two professional qualifications, an aviation degree and an ATPL, ready to start your pilot career.

BSc (Hons) Aviation - Pilot Degree Programme - University of Central Lancashire

What are my career prospects?

With the help of this fully integrated pilot degree, prospective pilots will not only learn the theoretical basics of flying and complete their flight training, their training is further enhanced by university learning.

Upon completion of the pilot degree, graduates receive their professional pilot licence - an ATPL. In addition to the knowledge and core skills they will require as pilots on a day-to-day basis, they will also have gained a wealth of knowledge of the industry itself. This will pave the way to landing a command role and moving up into a management position.

How does it work?

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BSc (Hons) Aviation - Pilot Degree Programme - University of Central Lancashire

BSc (Hons) Aviation - Pilot Degree Programme syllabus

Year 1 – Level 4 | Theoretical Knowledge (Ground school): completed at L3Harris Airline Academy in UK

  • Learning and studying in Aviation
  • Aircraft and Aviation Principles
  • Principles of Flight Performance
  • Principles of Navigation
  • Performance and Law

Students will be required to pass exams in 13 subjects to move on to Year 2 (Level 5) flight training.

Year 2 – Level 5 | Flight Training: completed at L3Harris Airline Academy in UK, Europe or USA (subject to scheduling)

Foundation flying:

  • Single-engine piston aircraft
  • Visual navigation
  • Solo flying
  • Night flying

Intermediate flying:

  • Single and multi-engine piston aircraft
  • Instrument navigation flying
  • Multi-engine and instrument rating (ME IR) skills test

Advanced flying:

  • Multi-engine piston aircraft
  • Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT)

Airline Pilot Standard Multi-Crew Cooperation (APS MCC):

  • SIM based training to teach how to function efficiently in a multi-crew environment
  • Jet orientation
  • Students will be required to pass all required licence and skills tests before they can advance to Year 3 – Level 6

Year 3 – Level 6

Type Rating Training and Line Flying: Completed once placed with an airline.

  • Aircraft type specifics
  • Airline integration
  • Research skills in aviation
  • Industry-led project 1: Threat and error management
  • Industry-led project 2: Risk management

Skills and knowledge acquired in Year 3 will provide the basis for a career in aviation management.

How much does it cost?

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BSc (Hons) Aviation - Pilot Degree Programme - University of Central Lancashire

Pilot degree course costs

The cost of pilot training reflects the unparalleled quality of our L3Harris pilot training in conjunction with UCLan.

The fee for your pilot degree course is made up of various factors, which we have broken down and explained for you below. Learn more about how much it costs to become a pilot.


Integrated ATPL


Tuition fees




Credited to cadet





Integrating this degree into your training may provide access to financial support from Student Finance England.

Who can become a pilot?

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BSc (Hons) Aviation - Pilot Degree Programme - University of Central Lancashire

Entry criteria

Applicants must meet the entry criteria for the Integrated ATPL programme:


A minimum of 80 UCAS points.


5 GCSEs grade C/4 or above including Maths, English and Science.


International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Level 6.0.

Age and height

Be at least 17 to submit an application and at least 18 to commence training.


Minimum height 5 ft. 2 in. (157 cm), maximum height 6 ft. 3 in. (191 cm). Applicants who fall outside of this may still apply but will need an ergonomic assessment in our training aircraft and simulators.


Be able to obtain: UKCAA Class 1 Medical.


Studying in the UK:


Unrestricted right to live, study and work in the UK (e.g. UK national, EU national with settled or pre-settled status, etc).




Meet the United Kingdom Visa & Immigration Service (UKVI) requirements to qualify for a Visitor (study for six months or less) or Student visa (study for more than six months).

Background checks

Produce a criminal record check (CRC) basic disclosure certificate before training can commence.


The University of Central Lancashire will also take into consideration your educational achievements, personal statement, and work experience. UCLan compiled an additional overview of entry requirements and alternative routes via which you can embark on the journey of obtaining your aviation degree.

BSc (Hons) Aviation - Pilot Degree Programme - University of Central Lancashire

Selection process onto this pilot degree programme

Apply to the Integrated ATPL programme by clicking the apply now button on this page.

After submitting your application, if successful, you will be invited to attend a selection process.

If you pass selection and are offered a place on the course you will you will then need to submit a separate application to the University of Central Lancashire for your Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation. This will be done through UCAS and you will need the following relevant codes:

  • H461 – November 2021 class
  • H462 – January 2022 class
  • H463 – March 2022 class
  • H464 – May 2022 class

BSc (Hons) Aviation - Pilot Degree Programme - University of Central Lancashire

Why combine pilot training with a degree?

Following successful completion of Integrated ATPL training in year’s 1 and 2, in the final year of the degree programme you'll learn while you earn as a First Officer with an airline (subject to placement).

Qualification - An internationally recognised degree qualification for your vocational airline pilot training.

Education - Additional training and education modules to benefit and enhance your flying career.

Student loan - Access to the United Kingdom government student loan system (subject to meeting qualifying requirements).

BSc (Hons) Aviation - Pilot Degree Programme - University of Central Lancashire

Why choose L3Harris?

At L3Harris Airline Academy, we have a reputation for providing some of the best ATPL licenced pilots in the world. That’s because from day one we don’t just teach our cadets how to fly we train them to become professional pilots.

We also offer the choice to train for a UKCAA or an EASA ATPL licence. With a UKCAA ATPL licence you can fly for airlines registered in the UK such as easyJet or British Airways. With an EASA ATPL licence you can fly for airlines registered in Europe such as easyJet, Ryanair and TAP Air Portugal.

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  • academy-cadet-pre-flight-check
  • academy-diamond-simulator

Pilot degree FAQs

Do I need a pilot degree to become a pilot?

Whilst you do not need a degree to become a pilot, completing your pilot training through an aviation degree course offers many advantages.

During your aviation degree you will not only learn how to be a skilled pilot, you will also study the industry. This could help you to progress quicker to senior and management roles. On the other hand, it can give you a certain amount of security. Your degree gives you peace of mind and the flexibility to take on another role in the industry. Even if you want to change your career at a later date, completing an aviation degree will save you the hassle of retraining.

On completion of a pilot degree course you will gain internationally recognised qualifications for your vocational airline pilot training. Furthermore, additional training and education modules are available to benefit and enhance your flying career.

Another advantage is that if you meet the eligibility criteria, you will also have access to the United Kingdom government student loan system.

What aircraft will I train on during my combined degree and pilot training?

Cadets will have access to:

  • Air traffic control (ATC) towers including digital ATC tower at our Cranfield Academy
  • Modern aircraft fleet including Piper Archer PA28 and Diamond DA42s

Where will I complete my training for the BSc (Hone) Aviation- - Pilot Programme?

The course will be delivered from the L3Harris Airline Academy in our London Training Centre in Crawley as well as our flight training locations. 

What are the facilities like at L3Harris Airline Academy?

Our flight schools are equipped with the latest training facilities and aircraft fleet as well as modern classrooms & study zones, on-site restaurants and leisure facilities.

How long is the BSc (Hons) Aviation Pilot Programme with UCLan and L3Harris?

The BSc(Hons) Aviation Pilot Programme with L3Harris and UCLan takes 3 years.

Ready to start your application?

Take your first step towards becoming an airline pilot and start your application - you don't need to complete it in one attempt. Good luck and we look forward to welcoming you to one of our selection events!

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