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Due to extremely high demand for our Integrated programmes, applications for our modular training courses are temporarily closed. If you would like to start your training right away, apply for our Integrated ATPL and become a fully qualified pilot in 70 weeks!

Classroom Based Ground School and APS MCC applications are still open!

Our Integrated ATPL


Individual Pilot Training Modules with L3Harris

Modular ATPL is a popular route for cadet pilots wishing earn their ATPL licence (or up to a specific licence, depending on career goals) but also break their training into bitesize chunks. This allows time for personal commitments, saving money or travel in between modules. The modular approach enables you to complete individual Modular ATPL courses and obtain licences and ratings based on your experiences and aspirations.

Our modular pilot training allows you to kickstart your journey towards a successful pilot career at your own pace, in your own time. 

Simply follow the steps below, and we'll direct you to the module of training suitable for you!



Modular ATPL Course FAQs

What is Modular ATPL?

Modular ATPL is a flexible approach to gaining the theoretical knowledge and practical flying experience necessary to become a commercial airline pilot. You can train at your own pace, in your own time whilst paying in bitesize chunks.

L3Harris offers both Individual Modules for pilot training and the Flexible ATPL. The Flexible ATPL takes advantage of a modular training route, but allows you to keep all the benefits of our Integrated programme such as Graduate Placement Pool access and the L3Harris Training Assurance.

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Do you offer financial advice?

At L3Harris Airline Academy, we are unable to offer financial advice, which is why we are working with the teams from Morrinson Wealth and Parallel Wealth Management to bring you expert financial advice to help you explore the options available to you.

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How much does Modular ATPL training cost?

Find out the cost of the Individual Modules on their respective course page. We also offer discounts on some modules when you bundle it with another (for example, Private Pilot Licence and Hours Building).

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What are your funding options for my Modular ATPL course?

All of our training programmes are self-funded.

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What are my career prospects?

Our focus is helping you achieve your future career aspirations through world-class airline-focused pilot training, whether that's to become a private pilot or a qualified commercial pilot.

If you successfully obtain your PPL, you can go on to command single-engine private aircraft for non-commercial passengers.

On the other hand, once you have successfully secured your ‘frozen’ ATPL, you can kick start your career as a First Officer, second-in-command to the airline Captain. Enabling you to go on and build your theoretical and practical experience to eventually secure a role as Captain.

Can I choose where I do my Modular ATPL training?

Your training location will depend on your pilot training course.

Our flight schools are approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and are based in the UK and USA.

UK Flight Schools:

USA Flight School:

Each of our flight schools provide you with access to state-of-the-art facilities such as training aircrafts, Full-Flight Simulators and Flight Training Devices.

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Do you have partnerships with airlines in Europe?

Yes. We are an accredited pilot recruitment partner of British Airways. The agreement allows BA to select newly qualified pilots from our Graduate Placement Pool and ‘tag’ students at various stages of training that meet the airlines requirements. TUI Airways also selected us as a pilot recruitment partner, selecting newly qualified pilots to become Second Officers on TUI's Boeing fleet.

We are committed to maintaining and growing airline relationships so that we are able to offer our graduates the highest-quality, airline-focused training and unrivalled career opportunities. In turn we have built a reputation as a trusted provider of the highest-calibre pilots in the industry.

Airline Relationships

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