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Our Airline Relationships

Our L3Harris Flight Academy has strong relationships with 11 regional airlines from around the USA.

Relationships that matter

Our relationships with 11 regional airlines drive a seamless transition from cadet to Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) to pilot.


Who we work with

Our partners regularly visit our Florida campus to speak with cadets and CFIs about career opportunities across the industry—you’ll have the opportunity to develop strong, rewarding relationships with multiple regional airlines throughout your time with L3Harris Flight Academy. Even more so, this foundational network features pathways to major airlines such as Delta, American Airlines, and United Airlines.

Explore L3Harris Flight Academy's partnerships below for information about each airline, including: pilot career paths, company benefits, hiring information, pay scales for Captains and First Officers, fleets, bases  and contact information.

I owe my transition from airport planner to airline pilot in under 3 years to the training and work environment fostered by the leadership of the L3Harris Flight Academy. It would not have been possible without their commitment to students and employees!

Academy Testimonial Sergey Kireyev Sergey Kireyev CommutAir First Officer (L3Harris graduate)

Air Wisconsin

The Air Wisconsin Airman Trainee program provides unique benefits and a support network to assist in making your desire to become a professional pilot a reality!

Our pilot pathway with Air Wisconsin
  • Air Wisconsin Logo


Students enrolled in the CommutAir Pilot Development programs complete a thorough mentoring process to gain an understanding of airline operations and professionalism. Once completed, students may participate in a paid internship and interview for a contingent job offer before they graduate from their collegiate programs.

Our pilot pathway with CommutAir
  • Commutair Logo

Empire Airlines

Empire Airlines is dedicated to fostering the passion for aviation at all levels. Empire has partnered with L3Harris to create a clearly defined path for aviators to reach the ultimate goal of flying professionally.

Our pilot pathway with Empire Airlines
  • Empire Logo

Endeavor Air

Endeavor's STEP is a program for aviation students and flight instructors to help prepare you for a successful career as a pilot in the airline industry. Endeavor Air will make regular visits to give presentations, answer questions, and — when you’re ready — conduct on-site interviews.

Our pilot pathway with Endeavor Air
  • Endeavor Air Logo


The Envoy Cadet Program helps the most promising flight school student pilots make a smooth transition from the classroom to the regional cockpit.

Our pilot pathway with Envoy Air
  • Envoy Logo


The GoJet Wingman Pipeline Program provides promising pilots an internship at GoJet while they build flight time. Program participants become GoJet First Officers upon completion of ATP minimums and have the opportunity to go on a two-day visit to GoJet's corporate headquarters in St. Louis.

Our pilot pathway with GoJet Airlines
  • Go Jet Logo


Piedmont Airlines’ Cadet Program is designed to help the most promising future pilots make a smooth transition from instructor to mainline pilot. Through a seniority-based flow through program, pilots at Piedmont graduate to guaranteed jobs at American Airlines, the largest airline in the world, from flying the youngest fleet among the USA legacy carriers.

Our pilot pathway with Piedmont Airlines
  • Piedmont Logo

PSA Airlines

Your career as a mainline pilot for the largest airline in the world, American Airlines, can start here.

Our pilot pathway with PSA Airlines
  • PSA Logo

Republic Airways

The RJet Cadet Program and Pilot Prep Program helps make the transition from classroom to flight deck easy with special events, a preferred interview track and more.

Our pilot pathway with Republic Airways
  • Republic Logo

Silver Airways

Silver Airways Emerging Aviators Program includes multiple entry points specifically designed to cultivate a meaningful relationship with each pilot candidate prior to joining the team as a First Officer.

Our pilot pathway with Silver Airways
  • Silver Logo


The SkyWest Pilot Pathway Program provides a direct path to the flight deck for exceptional pilots with a desire to take control of their aviation careers.

Our pilot pathway with SkyWest Airlines
  • Skywest Logo

Start your journey. Your career begins here!

Our Flight Academy is equipped to start your career as a pilot, whether you’re just leaving school or later in life. L3Harris help people reach their dreams.

  • 100% funding available to 
    those who qualify
  • 11 affiliate airline 
  • 96% graduates stay with us 
    to build flight hours
  • 100+ single and multi-engine 

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