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L3Harris Flight Academy and Empire Airlines have come together to provide L3Harris cadets with access to resources and guidance to make a seamless transition from flight school to an airline career!

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Empire Airlines Flow to FedEx

Graduating from our AAPT will provide you with a guaranteed interview with Empire Airlines. Empire pilots have the opportunity to flow through to the Purple Runway Program and fly for FedEx!

Empire Airlines is dedicated to fostering the passion for aviation at all levels. 

Empire has partnered with L3Harris to create a clearly defined path for aviators to reach the ultimate goal of flying professionally.

Empire will guarantee an interview to candidates who complete their training at L3Harris Flight Academy. Year one ATR First Officers earn more than $62,000 a year.

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From Empire to FedEx

Step 1 - Enroll at L3Harris

The first step in your journey to becoming an airline pilot is to enroll in our AAPT. This program includes airline oriented training that can take you from no experience to becoming a Certified Flight Instructor in as little as 15 months!

Step 2 - Build your experience

Those that complete our AAPT are guaranteed an interview to flight instruct at L3Harris in Florida. Our Instructors fly an average of 100 hours per month and 96% of our cadets who stay at L3Harris to instruct are placed at an airline!

Step 3 - Become an airline pilot

After reaching the FAA mandated 1500 hours of flight time, you will be eligible to earn your Airline Transport Pilot Certificate. All who graduate from L3Harris are guaranteed an interview with Empire Airlines!

Step 4 - Fly at FedEx

Empire has programs to flow pilots to the Purple Runway Program and become a FedEx Pilot! The major airlines await!

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Need Financial Aid?

Students can access funding for up to 100% of the program cost via flight school loans.

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