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Thanks to our long-standing relationship with Endeavor Air, L3Harris cadets have access to an excellent opportunity of joining the Endeavor Air pilot training program - Endeavor STEP. This guarantees cadets a seamless transition from flight school to flying for Endeavor and eventually for Delta Air Lines!

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Endeavor STEP - From Student to Endeavor to Delta

Thanks to our relationship with Endeavor Air, by enrolling in our Accelerated Airline Pilot Track you have the opportunity to apply to Endeavor's STEP (Student to Endeavor Pilot) Program and take on the pathway to becoming a Delta pilot!

We're one of just three standalone Flight Academies in the USA to participate in the Endeavor Air pilot training program.

Students on the Endeavor STEP Program will have the opportunity to interview to become an Endeavor pilot, and if successful will join the Career Advancement Program (CAP) with a direct flow through to Delta without the need for any further interviews or testing.

Flying as Delta Connection, Endeavor is the only regional carrier to offer pilots a defined career path to Delta Air Lines.

STEP is a program for aviation students and Flight Instructors to help prepare you for a successful career as a pilot in the airline industry. Endeavor Air will make regular visits to give presentations, answer questions, offer guidance and — when you’re ready — conduct on-site interviews.

New hire pilots earn up to $150,000 in bonus potential during their Endeavor career.

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How the Endeavor Pilot Training Program Works

Step 1 - Enroll at L3Harris

The first step in your journey to becoming an airline pilot is to enroll in our Accelerated Airline Pilot Track. This program includes accredited curriculum and airline oriented training that can take you from no experience to becoming a Certified Flight Instructor in as little as 15 months! When enrolled, simply apply to the Endeavor STEP Program and participate in extracurricular activities as well as Endeavor events to build relationships with the airline representatives and benefit from all their guidance and support!

Step 2 - Build your experience and become a Flight Instructor

Those that complete our Accelerated Airline Pilot Track are guaranteed an interview to flight instruct at L3Harris in Florida. Our Instructors fly an average of 100 hours per month! To help you prepare for the Endeavor Air pilot training interview, we recommend that you document your previous flight experience.

Step 3 - Become an Endeavor airline pilot

After reaching the FAA mandated 1500 hours of flight time, you will be eligible to earn your Airline Transport Pilot Certificate. As part of Endeavor's STEP, a recruiter will come to L3Harris campus for your interview. ​​Upon successful completion of the interview and receipt of a conditional job offer, you will be assigned a pilot mentor as part of the Endeavor Air pilot training program who will provide support throughout the duration of your training. As an Endeavor First Officer, you will have an earnings potential of $61k to $72k!

Step 4 - Fly at Delta Air Lines

Once you've flown as an Endeavor pilot for 54 months, including 24 as Captain, you can advance to Delta Air Lines!

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Need Financial Aid?

Students can access funding for up to 100% of the program cost via flight school loans.

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Endeavor Air Pilot Training FAQs

How much do Endeavor Air pilots make?

Endeavor Air pilots earn an average annual salary of $65,836.

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What are Endeavor Air's pilot requirements?

To become a cadet for Endeavor Air and join the STEP program you must meet the following requirements:

  • Currently attending Endeavor Air approved partner flight school
  • Current FAA Commercial Pilot License
  • Pass drug screen and background check

The preferred qualifications for the STEP program are:

  • FAA Certified Flight Instructor
  • Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument, Multi-Engine Flight Instructor

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