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L3Harris Flight Academy and PSA Airlines have partnered to provide L3Harris cadets the opportunity to seamlessly jump start their pilot careers and gather flight experience while being supported through mentorship and guidance as well as access to valuable resources!

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PSA Cadet Program

Enrolling in our Accelerated Airline Pilot Track will provide you with the opportunity to apply to become a PSA cadet from where you can progress to a guaranteed position at American Airlines!

Your career as a mainline pilot for the largest airline in the world, American Airlines, can start here.

PSA airline pilot training offers the following:

  • First-year pay of $90 per hour
  • Five year flow to American Airlines
  • Cost of ATP CTP for new hires covered
  • Mentorship from airline industry experts and career-boosting opportunities
  • Minimal reserve time and a quick upgrade to Captain

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How the PSA Airlines Pilot Training Works

Step 1 - Enroll at L3Harris

The PSA Airlines Cadet Program is open to any aspiring pilot enrolled in college, university or flight school. With L3Harris as your flight school, this is an excellent opportunity waiting for you. Enroll in our Accelerated Airline Pilot Track; this program includes accredited curriculum and airline oriented training that can take you from no experience to becoming a Certified Flight Instructor in as little as 15 months!

Step 2 - Become a PSA Airlines cadet

The next step is to apply to the PSA Airlines pilot training program. This is your opportunity to build your flight hours and obtain all the necessary ratings and licences. If accepted, you will be one step closer to American Airlines and the benefits that come with that including tuition assistance and bonuses.

Step 3 - Build your experience

After you have successfully mastered these hurdles and also managed to pass the ATP-CTP you will be able to build your experience. Our Instructors fly an average of 100 hours per month and 96% of our cadets who stay at L3Harris to instruct are placed at an airline! On top of that, PSA Airlines also offer you industry-leading pay, as well as extensive referral bonuses and commuter allowance. 

Step 4 - Fly at American Airlines

Once you've completed the PSA airlines pilot training program and taken your pilot career to the next level, you're only a short distance away from your dream of flying for American Airlines. Within 2 years you can advance to captain within PSA Airlines and within just 5 years you will have secured your guaranteed position with American Airlines.

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Need Financial Aid?

Students can access funding for up to 100% of the program cost via flight school loans.

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PSA Airlines Pilot Training FAQs

How much does a PSA airline pilot make?

Annual pay at PSA starts at $21,357 per year for new first officers and ranges up to $86,805 per year for senior captains.

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What are PSA's pilot requirements?

To be able to work for PSA Airlines as a cadet you must meet the following requirements:

  • Currently attending at a PSA approved partner flight school
  • FAA Private Pilot license
  • Successful HR interview

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