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From L3Harris Flight Academy to a Major Airline: David Golladay's Aviation Journey

  • Article by David Golladay | Pilot | Former L3Harris Flight Academy CFI
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  • Duration 2 minute read

My name is David Golladay, and I worked as an instructor at L3Harris Flight Academy for two years. That time was invaluable to me as a professional aviator. Working on both the training side as a Certified Flight Instructor and on the standards side conducting evaluations on both students and instructors, I can say that L3Harris Flight Academy is top notch!

The training that they provide not just to students, but to Instructors (both new and seasoned), is fast-paced and thorough and every student that came my way was beyond prepared for every event. Working in this environment was incredibly helpful as it's structured just like an airline training program. I've been through two different programs at a regional and now a legacy carrier, and I can definitely say that my experiences working at L3Harris helped to prepare me professionally to succeed and get where I am now.

It's my opinion and recommendation that anyone considering working for or training at L3Harris Flight Academy will be in great hands and will leave knowing that they got the best instruction out there.

The people there are incredible and I left after my two years having made many lifelong friends. I'm incredibly grateful for my time in Sanford!

David joined a major airline from GoJet Airlines, one of our regional airline partners.


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