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L3Harris Finding Employment Opportunities for Graduate Cadets

  • Article by Dave Coward, VP & General Manager, L3Harris Flight Academy
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I recently visited our Airline Academies, and while waiting to take my first flights in almost 18 months, I shared a post on LinkedIn saying how excited I was to be flying and how it had reconnected me with my love of aviation.

As I waited to board the flight to Florida to visit our Orlando Flight School, my thoughts turned to the L3Harris cadets who have graduated training over the past 18 months and are eagerly waiting to start their pilot journeys. It hasn’t been an easy time for them, but things are improving.

In 2021 more than 80 L3Harris graduates have found employment opportunities.

In fact, I’m proud to say, in 2021 more than 80 L3Harris graduates have found employment opportunities ranging from starting their type rating training, joining regional airlines, private jet apprenticeships and inspiring the next generation by taking teaching roles at IASTI, the International Air and Space Training Institute.

Our Graduate Placement teams have been working extremely hard behind the scenes to secure these opportunities and it’s great to see their efforts beginning to bear fruit – with 40 graduates in the US joining a selection of our airline pilot pathways.

These employment opportunities, alongside increasing demand for international travel, are both really strong signs that the aviation industry is recovering and also allow us to look to the future with renewed energy. I’m hopeful that 2022 will be a positive year for aviation and that more L3Harris graduates will have the opportunity to join the industry they’ve aspired to for so long.

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