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L3Harris Flight Academy Scholarship Winner Cavin Turner: My Aviation Journey

  • Article by Cavin Turner, High School Senior Merit Scholarship winner
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Hi, I'm Cavin Turner, one of the recent winners of the L3Harris Flight Academy High School Senior Merit Scholarships. I thought I'd write this blog to share a bit about my aviation journey, why I dream of becoming a pilot, and why I chose L3Harris! 

My story

My story is probably not an atypical one in regards to when my aviation passion started. I do remember being a kid and walking onto an airplane for the first time and I remember thinking that it looked so cool to be a pilot. That being said, I don’t think I truly felt passionate about it until about 12 months ago when I took my first Discovery Flight. At that point, I was all in! It was an indescribable feeling to experience and at that moment I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my future.

The career

I believe there are no limits to this career. From being a commercial pilot or private pilot, flying all over the world - the sky is truly the limit!

"The relationships with so many airlines is invaluable - L3Harris has connections and several pilot pathways, which keep the door open for the future."

I’ve read articles that talk about what it takes to become a pilot. It’s been said that as a pilot you gain knowledge that you never thought you would need to know, and that in itself is intriguing. The articles said you’d become a better planner, a logical decision maker and a meteorologist. You’d learn good resource management, how to be patient and how to operate safely, with a sense of urgency. I agree with that, but in addition, I really love adventure and travel. As a pilot, I look forward to traveling world. I know it’s a career I’ll be proud of as well as my family. Pilots also earn an attractive; and financial security is something that has been instilled by my parents at a young age. 

Why L3Harris?

I want to share the reasons why I chose L3Harris after touring more than 10 different flights schools all over Florida:

  1. Structure and standardization - I appreciate the detailed outline and plan L3Harris has put together. The groundwork needed to become a commercial pilot is laid out and as a student I just need to follow the path
  2. The aircraft - L3Harris' fleet is large with over 100 planes from the Piper Seminole, Archers and Cessna 172 to the Diamond DA42 and Cirrus SR20
  3. Safety - This one is my mom’s favorite! During our tour in September, the facility put safety first and foremost. We were impressed with the aircraft maintenance and the fact the crew have been awarded the FAA Diamond Award for Maintenance for multiple years is very impressive
  4. The free tutoring - Available in the resource center should I want to refresh on any material
  5. The relationships with so many airlines is invaluable - L3Harris has connections and several pilot pathways, which keep the door open for the future

I'd just like to take the opportunity once again to thank the L3Harris Flight Academy team for their generosity and support!

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