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Student life at the L3Harris Florida Flight School

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to train at our flight academy in Florida? Training to become a pilot means investing in your future. Alongside becoming an FAA certified pilot, there is ample opportunity to take advantage of the exciting sunshine state of Florida. Enrolling at the L3Harris Florida Flight School ensures that you will encounter plenty of new experiences, as well as everything you need for a successful career as a pilot.

Our Florida Flight school is based at the Orlando Sanford International Airport. Due to the location, our student pilots are able to learn to fly in optimal weather conditions, with over 300 flyable days a year, while sharing the runway with major airliners. Our Florida Flight School is only minutes away from lovely Florida beaches, Theme Parks, and plenty of other local attractions for students to immerse themselves in.

As part of their time at the L3Harris Airline Academy in Florida, cadets will live and study alongside other aspiring pilots. Cadets who complete the Professional Pilot Program or Accelerated Airline Pilot Track have the opportunity to be interviewed to become an L3Harris Certified Flight Instructor, once they have completed their pilot training course.

Student services

While training to become a pilot can be demanding, it is also enjoyable and fulfilling, and as an airline academy, we pride ourselves on ensuring that you have everything you need to complete your training. Here at the L3Harris Flight School in Florida, we provide a range of student services that are designed to ensure that, as a student pilot, you experience a wealth of different social activities - as well as have the opportunity to explore the local area.

Our services are a crucial part of student life at our Florida Airline Academy. They help to prepare and develop the next generation of pilots, which is why we ensure that our services support and encourage our cadets.

Student life

Students who are enrolled in pilot training at our Florida Airline Academy receive assistance with orientation, housing, transportation, and student affairs. This is to ensure the safety of all student pilots enrolled in our pilot training courses. We want our Sanford campus to be their home away from home while they are completing their pilot training.


We coordinate a vast range of extra-curricular activities and excursions that are designed to not only help our cadets unwind and relax after intensive pilot training but also to be able to explore Florida and everything that it has to offer. In their career as a pilot, our cadets will be able to explore and engage with different locations and attractions around the world, and their time at our Florida Flight Academy is no different. Student Services Activities can range from tours of the Florida Aviation Museum to trips to Disney World!

Learning Resource Center

Training to become a pilot is not easy. Our courses at L3Harris Flight Academy are extensive and contain everything a cadet needs to know to become an FAA certified pilot. Since these courses are so intensive, we aim to provide our student pilots with the perfect space to study after class. The Learning Resource Center is another one of our student services, dedicated to ensuring that our cadets have everything they need to succeed.

The Learning Resource Center is a place where our students have an ideal area in which they can study, receive free tutoring from a Certified Flight Instructor, collaborate together, and handle specialized aircraft equipment - as well as fully prepare for their all-important exams. Additionally, as a cadet at L3Harris Airline Academy, students have access to an extensive collection of technology from the entire L3Harris business.

Sky Shop

In addition to our considerable training materials and student services, we also offer cadets the opportunity to purchase high-quality uniforms, gift items and branded clothing from our Sky Shop.

Get a head start on your career as a pilot by enrolling today. For additional information on L3Harris Florida Airline Academy, please submit an enquiry.

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