Why L3Harris Flight Academy?

We are one of the world’s leading Flight Academies.

From our facilities to our experienced instructors, we take pilot cadets with little or no experience and train them to become qualified pilots. We’re committed to developing talent within all our cadets, preparing them for an incredible future as a pilot with a commercial airline.

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Proven Experience

Our 30 year heritage in the aviation industry has enabled us to develop long-standing relationships with airlines across the globe ensuring you have access to pathways that will make your transition to becoming an airline pilot seamless.

Airline representatives from legacy, major, regional and charter airlines regularly visit our Orlando, Florida Flight School providing cadets with exclusive opportunities to speak with airlines about class dates, salary, bonuses and career pathways.

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How to become a pilot


At L3Harris, we have a purpose-built Flight School in Orlando, Florida based at Sanford International Airport.

We have state-of-the-art flight training devices, over 100 single and multi-engine aircraft, multimedia equipped classrooms, learning resource center, study hall and testing center. Being located at Sanford International Airport we also benefit from a busy air traffic control (ATC) tower and runway.

Orlando Flight School

Our Academy

Train With L3Harris at Any Stage in Your Career

At L3Harris, we want you to land your dream job. That’s why our Academy is equipped with the facilities and resources to help you become a pilot regardless of whether you are just finishing high school or looking for a career change. Our pilot training programs are airline-focused to prepare newly qualified pilots for a seamless transition from training to the flight deck.

Our Accelerated Airline Pilot Track is regarded as our quickest route to a job as a First Officer or Certified Flight Instructor. Our International Program is ideal for non-U.S. citizens pursuing a dream of becoming a commercial airline pilot.


Time to fly


You will have access to over 100 single-and-multi engine aircrafts many with Garmin G1000 instruments and all-glass cockpits. Our aircraft are IFR certified and maintained and inspected to the highest safety standards in line with FAA regulations. Our maintenance team have won the Diamond award for safety for more than 20 years in a row.

Our aircraft fleet is designed to give you the optimal training experience so you can excel in your flight training.

Our Fleet

Piper Seminole

Flight Training Devices (FTDs)

We provide cadets with access to Flight Training Devices (FTD) which are full-size replicas of aircraft instrument panels and controls to emulate real-life flying experiences.

Our range of FTDs include:

  • A Level 6 FAA-approved Cirrus SR20 FTD
  • A Level 4 FAA-approved Piper PA44 FTD
  • A line of AviatorTM Cirrus SR20 Advanced Aviation Training Devices (AATD)
  • Two Frasca International Inc. TruFlite AATDs
  • One Piper PA44
  • One Cessna 172SP
  • A Redbird MCX AATD that can be configured as a Cessna 172SP
  • A Piper PA44 round dial with 2 Garmin 430 GPS receivers
  • A PA44 all-glass Garmin G1000

Our Fleet

Flight Training Device

A Day in the Life at L3Harris

Tomas Klimas captures a day in the life of a CFI cadet at L3Harris.

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In Flight

A mini flight vlog over the Sanford, Florida skies, giving a great insight into flight training here at L3Harris Flight Academy. The flight, as well as an awesome take off and landing features both a VFR-on-top clearance and steep turn maneuver.

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I worked as an Instructor at L3Harris for two years. That time was invaluable to me as a professional aviator. Working on both the training side and on the standards side, I can say that L3Harris Flight Academy is top notch!

academy-us-sanford-testimonial-david-golladay-avatar David Golladay Pilot | Former L3Harris Flight Academy CFI
Read David's story

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