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Pilot training cost & funding

When deciding to become a commercial airline pilot, one of the most frequently asked questions is ‘how much does it cost to become a pilot?’. And it’s no surprise as to why. 

The cost of pilot training is an investment in your future career.

L3Harris can help you achieve your dream of becoming an airline pilot whether you’re just finishing high school or thinking about a career change later in life. We are one of the USA’s leading providers of pilot training with a flight school based in Orlando, Florida at Sanford Int Airport.

Our pilot training programs and courses are designed to take you from no or little experience and equip you with the knowledge and flying hours you need to begin your pilot career.

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Enrolling at L3Harris Flight Academy gives you access to:

  • Finance options to fund training
  • Quality of training
  • Access to the latest cutting edge facilities
  • Job prospects
  • Future earning potential
  • Training by world-class Flight Instructors

The cost of pilot training will depend on your career ambitions. For a Commercial Pilot License, our prices start from $66,995. For a Private Pilot License it cost $12,875.


Federal Financial Aid

Unlike many other flight schools, L3Harris Flight Academy is approved to provide Federal Financial Aid to those in need of assistance with financing their pilot training at our pilot school.

Only those who qualify for Federal Financial Aid and enroll in the Professional Pilot Program are eligible.

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100% flight school student loans

Through Meritize and Sallie Mae, you are able to borrow up to 100% of the cost of pilot training at L3Harris Flight Academy in Sanford, Florida.

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Flight school loans & grants

A personal loan or line of credit (subject to approval) could provide you access to the money you need to cover the cost of pilot training for you or your child.

Flight school loans include:

  • Federal Direct Stafford Loan Program: Low-interest loans eligible for students to help cover the cost of higher education at a four-year college or university
  • Federal Direct Plus Loan - For Parents: Loans designed for parents to help pay for their children’s pilot training based on eligibility requirements
  • Federal Pell Grants: Awarded only to undergraduate students who have not completed a bachelor's or professional degree

You can also apply for private and state student loans independently of L3Harris Flight Academy to fund your pilot training costs.

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Veterans education benefits

Veterans who are unsure of their eligibility or have questions about their entitlement should contact the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (1-888-GIBILL1).

Eligible students enrolled in flight training at L3Harris Flight Academy must maintain satisfactory academic progress in the program in which they enroll to continue receiving VA education benefits.

Flight training is available to eligible veterans and reservists under Chapters 30, 32, and 33, Title 38 USC, Chapter 1606, and Title 10 USC. Only training at flight schools approved under Part 141 is eligible for benefits. Students must hold an unrestricted “Private Pilot Certificate” and at least Class II medical certificate privileges to be eligible for benefits. You must prove Class II privileges before the start of each course. Benefits are payable for dual flight, ground school training, and pre/post-flight briefings. Benefits are paid monthly following submission by the school of a “monthly certification of training”.

Applicants for Education Benefits (22-1990) and Request of Change of Program of Place of Training (22-1995) should be sent to:

VA Regional Office
P.O. Box 8888
OK 74402-8888

More information:

Veterans may call +1 888-442-4551, or visit the VA Benefits website.

Veterans interested in VA Educational benefits can contact our Financial Aid Office at +1 407-330-7020.

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Professional Pilot Program training costs

Professional Pilot Program (PPP) is our program designed to help cadets who have an end goal of working as a commercial pilot for a regional or national airline. This program takes cadets from little to no flying experience to a Certified Flight Instructor where you can build up the necessary flight hours to become a qualified pilot.

Professional Pilot Program training cost = $83,995

Professional Pilot Program

Accelerated Airline Pilot Track training costs

Whether you want to be a commercial pilot or flight instructor, you will learn to fly and take your first flight as a pilot cadet with our Accelerated Airline Pilot Track program. This program will provide you with valuable experience to help you launch your pilot career.

Accelerated Airline Pilot Track training cost = $83,995

Airline Pilot Track

Commercial Pilot Track training costs

Our Commercial Pilot Track program is designed to prepare cadets who are looking to become a commercial pilot but may not be interested in becoming a flight instructor. Cadets will graduate from this program with a Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating, and a Commercial Multi-Engine Certificate.

Commercial Pilot training cost = $66,995

Commercial Pilot Track

Aviation college degree training costs

If you want to go down the university route to become a pilot, we have partnerships with Seminole State College of Florida (SSC) and Jacksonville University for cadets to earn an Associate’s or Bachelor's Degree alongside your flight training.

You will be required to attend full-time training at our university partners Seminole State College of Florida (SSC) and Jacksonville University for 2-4 years (JU).

You will be awarded a Bachelor's Degree once you have completed your college degree training.

College degrees

Individual course pilot training costs

At L3Harris Flight Academy, we have a range of self-paced pilot training programs designed for individuals looking to obtain certificates, ratings, or recurrent training in both Part 141 or Part 61 training.

Part 141 training is a structured training method following a Training Course Outline (TRO) whilst Part 61 training is a flexible training method allowing cadets to pay-as-you-go and work following their schedule.

Individual courses

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If you're now ready to apply, check out our guide on how to do so, or discover our range of available programs and courses.

Pilot training cost and funding FAQs

What are your funding options for pilot training?

L3Harris Flight Academy offers a variety of financial aid to support our future pilots with their pilot training costs. We currently offer a range of flight school scholarships, as well as Title IV funding and private loans. As we are accredited in the same way as a College in the United States, our PPP cadets are also eligible to receive Federal Financial Aid if they qualify.

Pilot training cost and funding

How much does pilot training cost and how can I fund my pilot training?

How much does pilot training cost and how can I fund my pilot training?

The cost of pilot training varies depending on the course you’re looking to undertake.

Our Professional Pilot Program price starts from $83,995 – click here for more information on Professional Pilot Program prices.

Our Accelerated Airline Pilot Track program prices start from $83,995 – click here for more information on Accelerated Airline Pilot Track prices.

Our Commercial Pilot Track program prices start from $66,995 – click here for more information on Commercial Pilot Track prices.

To help students finance their commercial pilot education and training, L3Harris Flight Academy offers scholarships and grants, private alternative funding, Federal Financial Aid (to those who qualify), and federal student aid program:

Flight School Loans:

Federal Financial Aid:

  • Federal Pell Grants
  • Direct Stafford Loan Program
  • Direct PLUS Loans for Parents


  • Veterans Scholarship
  • High School Senior Merit Scholarship

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What is the cost of training at your Florida Flight School?

The cost of flight school training is a common concern for prospective students. Pilot training costs will vary depending on the program.

  • Professional Pilot Program (PPP) cost = $83,995
  • Airline Pilot Track (AAPT) cost = $83,995
  • Commercial Pilot Track (CPT) cost = $66,995
  • Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP CTP) cost = $3,995

As the L3Harris Orlando Flight School is accredited in the same way as a college in the United States, we are able to offer Federal Financial Aid to our students who qualify if they choose to complete our PPP course. Up to 100% of course fees can be covered to those who qualify under the Federal Financial Aid for US citizens applying to our PPP courses. Prospective pilots looking to study our AAPT or any other courses may be able to qualify for Meritize or Sallie Mae flight school student loans, state or private loans or scholarships. For more information, please visit our guide to pilot training costs.

Pilot training cost and funding

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