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Aviation Scholarships

There are a range of aviation scholarships offering financial assistance to those following their dream of becoming a commercial airline pilot.

Flight training scholarships

If you are considering applying for an alternative pilot training scholarship to fund your journey to becoming a pilot, you may find the following links useful for conducting research:

Sallie Mae Scholarship Search

The Sallie Mae Scholarship Search is a free way to get access to more than 6 million college scholarships worth up to $30 billion. All scholarships are approved, current and new scholarships are added daily.

University Aviation Association

The UAA offers resources on aviation scholarships, including their own UAA scholarships and a Collegiate Aviation Scholarship Catalog to help you find the right funding for your pilot training aspirations.

National Business Aviation Association

Funded by their generous NBAA Charities Scholarship program, the NBAA are able to offer over $100,000 annual to student flight school scholarships. Their scholarships are available to both students and working professionals.

Women in Aviation, International

Established to empower women in aviation careers, WAI offers scholarships and support to those pursuing careers in both aviation and aerospace.

National Air Transportation Foundation

The National Air Transport Foundation provides scholarships and guidance to students enrolled in full-time aviation courses or college programs.

Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals

Each year the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals offers aviation scholarships to give minorities equal opportunities to study and pursue careers in aerospace, awarding over 30 scholarships last year alone.

Airline Pilots Association

The Airline Pilots Association provides in-depth guides to pursuing a career in aviation and a catalog of pilot training scholarships to help every aspiring pilot find the course and funding to suit them.

The Ninety-Nines, Inc

Each year The Ninety-Nines Inc offers specialized pilot scholarships to encourage more women to pursue careers in aviation, with their Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship has helped over 750 women train to be a pilot since its creation.


Spanning 75 different countries, the AOPA provides a useful guide to finding funding and airline pilot training scholarships to suit your experience level and career aspirations.

Federal Aviation Administration

The Federal Aviation Administration provides useful information on the latest aviation regulations, policies, licenses, and certificates, as well as a comprehensive guide to the latest aviation school scholarships.


Money2Fly is a one-stop site for the latest flight school scholarships and grants, providing detailed information on scholarships available exclusively to female students as well as scholarships open to all genders.

Aviation Scholarships

The Aviation Scholarships website offers a pool of resources on pursuing a career or training in aviation. With dedicated sections on securing aviation school scholarships and funding.

General Scholarships

General Scholarships’ ‘Featured College Scholarships’ finder helps aspiring pilots to filter scholarships based on application structure and available funding to find a scholarship that suits them best.

NGPA Scholarship

The NGPA is the largest LGBTQ+ aviation organization in the world. Supporting aspiring LGBTQ+ pilots and aviation enthusiasts receive funding support through their NGPA flight academy scholarship program to realize their dream of becoming a pilot.

Affordable Colleges

For U.S. veterans looking for more scholarship opportunities, Affordable Colleges offers a useful guide to finding the right funding. Affordable Colleges provides information on scholarships to colleges and universities across the world as well as designated aviation scholarships for aspiring pilots.

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