Describe the safety programs you have in place?

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To oversee the safety we have a full time Flight Supervisor that works in the Dispatch area. The Flight Supervisor conducts a risk assessment using a Supervisor Risk Assessment Tool (SRAT) at the start of each shift. The tool is used to assess the overall risks for the flight operations based on a review of the weather, ATC delays, airport constraints, and type of operations being conducted.

In addition, each flight crew member will conduct a flight risk assessment before each flight and use a Flight Risk Assessment Toll (FRAT). This tool provides the flight crew with a means to proactively identify hazards with an easy to use format and risk scale.

All safety policies and procedures are listed in our Flight Operations Manual and the Flight Standards Manuals that we have for each aircraft.

We work with the FAA approved Safety Management System (SMS) - an organization-wide comprehensive and preventive approach to managing safety. An SMS includes a safety policy, formal methods for identifying hazards and mitigating risk, and promotion of a positive safety culture. An SMS also provides assurance of the overall safety performance of an organization.

We utilize Risk Assessment tools in the form of a Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) and Supervisor Risk Assessment Tool (SRAT) to assess potential hazards and better mitigate risk for each operation.

Another important aspect of our safety program is Centrik, a web-based operational management system for gathering information from flight crews, mechanics, dispatch, and ground support when a safety related incident occurs.

Our Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) is approved by the FAA and is used to provide a systematic approach for our flight crew members to promptly identify and correct potential hazards. Through self-reporting, cooperative follow-up, and appropriate corrective action we are able to continuously improve our safety culture.

To maintain the quality of training that we provide with an emphasis on safety, we implemented a modified Line Operations Safety Assessment (LOSA) program. This is done through in-flight observation to collect safety and training related data in a non-punitive environment to provide feedback to our flight crews.

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