What aircraft will I learn on during Accelerated Airline Pilot Track training?

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During your Accelerated Airline Pilot Track, you will get the chance to fly several different aircraft. Our aircraft fleet is one of the largest in Florida, consisting of approx. 100 single and multi-engine airplanes, including:

  • Cessna 172 Skyhawks - a reliable, dependable, easy-to-fly aircraft that is appreciated by both pilots and students completing their Flight Instructor training
  • Cirrus SR20s - a six-cylinder engine perfect for an airline pilot program that maximizes all available horsepower, reaching cruising speeds of 155 knots
  • Piper Archer PA28 - this model’s unremarkable handling characteristics make it the perfect aircraft for a Flight Instructor course
  • Piper Seminole PA44 - this exemplary instrument flying platform makes landings uncomplicated, meaning that this is an excellent aircraft for Certified Flight Instructor training

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