What’s the difference between Professional Pilot Program, Airline Pilot Track & Commercial Pilot Track?

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PPP, APT, and CPT courses all offer different qualifications and routes into careers in aviation.

With a PPP, you will graduate with a Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating, Single and Multi-Engine Certificates and Add-on Ratings, as well as a Certified Flight Instructor Certificate. You are also eligible for Federal Financial Aid should you qualify.

APT courses offer similar certifications to our PPP, but offer a less specific career direction and no eligibility for Federal Financial Aid. The APT is ideal for cadets who are less certain about the aviation career they wish to pursue and puts graduates in a great position to pursue any number of aviation careers.

With the CPT you will graduate with the same qualifications as a PPP, except that you will not receive a Certified Flight Instructor Certificate. CPT cadets are also not available for Federal Financial Aid. CPT courses are ideal for cadets looking to become Commercial Pilots but are not interested in working as a Flight Instructor.