Where will I complete my Accelerated Airline Pilot Track pilot training?

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Our Accelerated Airline Pilot Track program is taught at our Flight School in Orlando, Florida

We have state-of-the-art technology and facilities to make your Flight Instructor course and airline pilot training program even more successful!

Our academic building, knowledge testing center, and simulation and aircraft maintenance building provide the most effective and efficient environment to complete your commercial pilot and Certified Flight Instructor training. Cadets have access to a fleet of approx. 100aircraft, five Flight Training Devices (FTDs), and 8 flight simulators - enabling you to gain all of the essential theory and practical skills needed to take to the skies.

Other facilities include our high-tech operations center, dispatch center, high-intensity runway lighting, AWOS weather reporting system, FAA control tower, and pre and post-flight briefing areas.

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