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There are several pilot training programs available; whether it is one of our programs: Professional Pilot Program, Accelerated Airline Pilot Track or Commercial Pilot Track, a college degree or an individual certificate and rating, each training approach is designed to equip you with the qualification needed to kick start your career in aviation.

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Discover how to apply to become a commercial airline pilot with L3Harris Flight Academy below.

Step 1 - Pick your program

We offer Part 141 or Part 61 training, so it is important to establish the most suitable approach to training for you.

Our commercial pilot training programs are Nationally Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. Meaning our programs are held to a standard that ensures quality education that enhances student success in the workforce.

Our pilot training courses are approved under 14 CFR Part 141. Meaning our aircraft and training syllabi are certified as upholding the highest safety and efficiency standards. All courses are also offered under 14 CFR Part 61 allowing the flexibility to train part-time if needed.

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Our pilot training programs include:

  • Professional Pilot Program (PPP) is our program offering a guaranteed interview to become an L3Harris Flight Instructor which gives you the opportunity to build up the necessary flight hours to apply for a role as a First Officer. Financial aid, such as Meritize or Sallie Mae flight school student loans, are available
  • Accelerated Airline Pilot Track (AAPT) offers our most direct route to becoming a pilot and also offers you a guaranteed interview to become an L3Harris Flight Instructor. Financial aid, such as Meritize or Sallie Mae flight school student loans, are available
  • Commercial Pilot Track (CPT) is an ideal program for cadets looking to pursue a career as a commercial pilot but are not necessarily interested in becoming a Flight Instructor. Financial aid such as Meritize or Sallie Mae flight school student loans are available

College degrees

  • We are the flight training vendor for Jacksonville University and their airline pilot degrees, and have an articulation agreement with Seminole State College of Florida (SSC)

Our pilot training courses include:

  • The ATP CTP program is the starting point for obtaining your FAA Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) License and bridge the transition from commercial pilot certification to ATP certification, ready for a career with the regional and international airlines
  • The Private Pilot License program is suitable for individuals looking to seek a career in aviation or just want to learn for fun. Obtaining your PPL enables you to fly a non-commercial aircraft without compensation.
  • An Instrument Rating (IR), also often referred to as Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), is designed to train pilots to manoeuvre aircraft based purely on knowledge of the instruments, without need to look out of the cockpit, except for take-off and landing.

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Step 2 - Consider your funding

Pilot training is a large investment that requires a lot of thought and preparation.

There are many ways to fund your pilot training from aviation scholarships, Meritize or Sallie Mae flight school student loans, other flight school loans or privately financing your license.


Step 3 - Speak to an Admissions officer

Once you have explored our pilot training programs and you have a good idea of the program you’d like to enroll on, speak to an Admissions Officer to:

  • Arrange a Wonderlic assessment
  • Organise an interview
  • Receive a tour of the facilities
  • Organize a Discovery Flight
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Step 4 - Apply

After completing your Wonderlic assessment, you’ll be required to complete our application form which will ask you to provide:

  • General details
  • Educational history
  • The program you are applying for
  • How you will be funding your training
Enrollment application

Step 5 - Preparation

Upon successful application and selection, an Admissions Officer will contact you to agree a suitable start date and organization of transport, accommodation and on-boarding events/activities.

Your journey to becoming a pilot

How to become a pilot in the USA

If you're now ready to apply, head to our enrollment application page! If you have any questions, our team will be happy to help.

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