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Our Orlando Flight School, located at the Sanford International Airport, offers Nationally Accredited pilot training programs delivered by experienced Instructors in purpose-built facilities for an unparalleled learning experience.

Learn to fly at L3Harris' Flight School in Florida

At L3Harris Flight Academy, our cadets will train to become pilots at our Orlando Flight School, located in the heart of central Florida. Whether you are completing our Nationally Accredited PPP, APT, CPT, college degrees, or an individual course, our campus will become your home away from home.

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Orlando Flight School facilities

Our Flight School in Florida benefits from excellent flying whether for more than 300 days a year and cadets have access to purpose-built facilities such as:

  • Advanced Flight Training Devices (FTDs)
  • High-intensity runway lighting
  • AWOS weather reporting system
  • FAA control tower
  • Pre-and-post flight briefing areas
  • Dispatch center
  • One of the largest aircraft fleet in Florida consisting of over 100 single-and-multi-engine aircraft
  • Affiliations with 11 regional airlines for exclusive career opportunities

As a cadet at our Orlando, Florida Flight School, you’ll train alongside like-minded people and create lifelong friendships. No matter your flying experience or aspirations, L3Harris Flight Academy has a pilot training course or program to suit.

Programs and courses

Orlando Flight School aircraft fleet

Our Orlando Flight School fleet consists of over 100 airplanes, with a combination of five different single and multi-engine options, with steam gauge and all-glass cockpits.

Our single-engine aircraft fleet:

  • Cirrus SR20
  • Cessna 172P
  • Piper Archer PA28

Our multi-engine aircraft  fleet:

  • Piper Seminole PA44

All our Florida Flight School aircraft are IFR certified and maintained and inspected to the highest safety standards by our dedicated team of FAA-certified airframe and mechanics. To give all our pilots the best and safest flying experiences.

Our fleet

Orlando Flight School Flight Training Devices (FTDs)

Our Florida Flight School cadets have access to five different Flight Training Devices (FTDs).

FTDs are full-size replicas of aircraft instruments, panels, and controls that you will see onboard an aircraft. Our FTDs also contain advanced computer software to emulate real-life aircraft flying experiences. FTDs are used to give our cadets an authentic flying experience and confidence that they can take to the skies in our fleet.

Our fleet

Get in touch today and start your journey!

Do you have any questions about starting your pilot training journey at L3Harris Flight Academy? Please send us a message and an Admissions Officer will be happy to assist.


About Florida

Pilot training is so much more than just the aircraft you train in and those who instruct you. It’s the whole experience; the life-long friendships you make and the place you call home for the duration of your training.

Whilst Florida is known as one of the best places to complete your pilot training in the world, it’s also known as a tropical paradise with plenty of opportunities to explore, enjoy and relax.

You’ll have the world’s most well-known theme park at your fingertips - Disney World; perfect if you love a thrill and seek an adrenaline rush!

Whether you like to relax and soak up the sun or want to catch some waves, the famous Cocoa Beach and Daytona Beach are within reach to do either or, or both!

Last, but definitely not least, Florida provides the perfect opportunity to attend a game, match or race! From basketball and football, to soccer, baseball and NASCAR racing, you can watch it all whilst living in Florida.

Your journey to becoming a pilot

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Florida Flight School FAQs

What should I consider when looking for a flight school?

Each flight school has something different to offer prospective pilots. Some of the key things to consider when researching aviation schools include:

  • Courses: You have the choice between programs and courses. Programs such as our PPP, APT and CPT offer a direct route to becoming a commercial pilot and are Nationally Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. While certificates, ratings and courses, are approved by the FAA under 14 CFR Part 141
  • Funding: Funding availability and financial support can also play a huge role. If you are concerned about the costs of pilot training, look to flight schools that are accredited in the same way as a college, like here at L3Harris. Our accreditation means you have access to Federal Financial Aid when enrolling on our PPP (should you qualify). Alternatively, you could consider aviation scholarships or flight school loans as a means of funding your pilot training
  • Location: Where your flight school is located can matter. Our Flight Academy in Sanford, Florida, offers wonderful flying weather for over 300 days of the year. Therefore, our cadets can spend more time up in the aircraft
  • Career opportunities: Some flight schools will offer direct routes into employment or will have strong connections with regional airlines, giving cadets excellent employment opportunities. L3Harris has affiliations with 11 different regional airlines that visit campus regularly to interview for First Officer positions. Additionally, our PPP and APT graduates also earn a Flight Instructor Certificate through their programs, giving them a guaranteed job interview for a Flight Instructor position with us

What is the cost of training at your Florida Flight School?

The cost of flight school training is a common concern for prospective students. Pilot training costs will vary depending on the program.

  • Professional Pilot Program (PPP) cost = $83,995
  • Airline Pilot Track (APT) cost = $83,995
  • Commercial Pilot Track (CPT) cost = $66,995
  • Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP CTP) cost = $3,150 (reduced from $4,995)

As the L3Harris Orlando Flight School is accredited in the same way as a college in the United States, we are able to offer Federal Financial Aid to our students who qualify if they choose to complete our PPP course. Up to 100% of course fees can be covered to those who qualify under the Federal Financial Aid for US citizens applying to our PPP courses. Prospective pilots looking to study our APT or any other courses may be able to qualify for state or private loans or scholarships. For more information, please visit our guide to pilot training costs.

Do you have ground school training facilities at your Florida Flight School?

At our Florida Flight School, we intertwine ground school training with in-flight training. Our cadets will go through ground school to learn the theory behind aircraft flight, weather, and other aviation topics to operate an aircraft safely. Once proficient, our cadets will apply their skills in the aircraft with in-flight training.

Ground school training takes place within our dedicated Academic Building, complete with eight multimedia-equipped classrooms, a Learning Resource Centre (LCR) open every day of the week, a study hall, and a testing center with 10 computerized testing stations and a proctor station.

A Certified Flight Instructor is available to all our flight school cadets during normal business hours, and we supply additional resources including books, magazines, and aircraft parts to supplement studies.

What training programs do you offer at your Flight School?

  • Professional Pilot Program (PPP) - from which graduates will earn a Flight Instructor Certificate, guaranteeing a job interview to become a Flight Instructor with L3Harris and can receive 100% Federal Financial Aid if they qualify
  • Airline Transport Pilot certification (ATP) - providing graduates with a Certified Flight Instructor Certificate, Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating, and a Commercial Pilot Single-Engine Certificate. However, applicants cannot apply for Federal Financial Aid
  • Commercial Pilot Track (CPT) - fast track into becoming a commercial pilot
  • Individual courses - available as full-time or part-time training
  • College degrees - including Associate’s Degrees with the Seminole State College of Florida and a Bachelor’s Degree at Jacksonville University in Aviation Management and Flight Operations

For more information about courses at our Florida flight school, please visit our FAA pilot training courses page.

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Our pilot training programs: Professional Pilot Program, APT and CPT can kick start a successful career in aviation. Whether you’re looking to become a private pilot, a Certified Flight Instructor or a commercial airline pilot, we’ve got a program suitable for you.

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