• Program Summary
    Program Summary
    • Cost: $4,600
    • Duration: 4 days
    • Frequency: Classes start monthly if all four slots are filled
    • Required experience: Commercial License with Instrument/Multi-Engine Rating
    • Location: This course is offered by our training partner, Bell Murray Aerospace (BMA). Train at one of Bell Murray Aerospace's training facilities including Southwest Airlines state-of-the-art training facility in Dallas, TX
  • Graduation Qualifications
    Graduation Qualifications
    • 100% attendance is required for the Certificate of Completion. This course has been created to help you achieve your first career goal. This course is not an FAA Part 142 training course

Pilot Training Programs and Courses

Jet Transition Program

This Jet Transition Course is designed to help single seat pilots gain the crew resource management (CRM) skills that are needed to fly in a commuter or airline atmosphere.

You will examine the differences between a small aircraft and commercial jet flight management computers (FMC) and gain experience in jet airplane operations, communications and checklists.

Completion of the course will enable you to excel in your next airline training course. Learn the basics from us and transition to your next position with confidence. As a graduate of the Bell Murray Aerospace (BMA) Jet Transition course, you will have the opportunity to meet an airline recruiter from one of BMA’s training partners.

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Jet Transition Program

Why Opt For Jet Transition Training?

  • Improve crew concept operations understanding and implementation
  • CRM is a concept rarely practised by single-seat aviators
  • Gain a better understanding of checklist conventions 
  • Improved understanding of the differences between aircraft FMCs
  • Candidates often see a noticeable rise in confidence and proficiency in a commercial jet cockpit, as noted by Southwest Airlines, a major customer for the Jet Transition course

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Jet Transition Program

Is This Training Right For You? 

This course is designed for:

  • Any pilot that has little or no experience in a standardized, crew concept, cockpit environment
  • Any airline hiring pilots from a single-seat environment
  • Foreign license conversion
  • Low-time pilots wanting a job with a U.S. carrier
  • Helicopter pilots
  • Airlines - to minimize washout rate
  • Military - desk or single-seat pilots

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Jet Transition Program

Jet Transition Program Timeline

1. Aircraft Operating Manuals

2. Cockpit Preflight Flows

  • Philosophy
  • Flows vs Checklist
  • Conventions

3. FMS Usage

  • Preflight
  • Basic Operation
  • Basic Navigation

4. Normal Operating Procedures

  • Checklist Usage
  • Engine Starting
  • Normal Flight Profile(s)
  • Taxi Out Through End of Flight

5. Approaches & FMS Usage

  • Programing Approaches
  • Basic Approach Documents
    • Jeppesen
    • ILS
    • NON-ILS
    • GPS
    • RNAV, RNAV-RNP, etc

6. Transport Aircraft Performance

  • Modern Performance Charts
  • Basic Flight Planning
  • Adverse Weather Operations

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Jet Transition Program

Jet Transition Program Admission and Cost

Minimum admission requirements are as follows, for additional requirements please contact us.

  • Age - Applicants must be at least 18 years old
  • Language - Applicants must be able to speak English proficiently
  • Cost - $4,600

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