• Program Summary
    Program Summary
    • Status: Full-time
    • Duration: Approximately 56 weeks
    • Required experience: None
    • Become an expert: Becoming a Flight Instructor allows you start your career as a pilot, build your flight time and develop greater control of the aircraft. This additional experience is well sought after by many Korean airlines
  • Graduation Gualifications
    Graduation Gualifications
    • Private Pilot Certificate
    • Instrument Rating
    • Commercial Pilot Single-Engine Certificate
    • Commercial Multi-Engine Add-on Rating
    • Certified Flight Instructor Certificate

Pilot Training Programs and Courses

Korean Air Pilot Training

Korean Air Pilot Training with L3Harris Flight Academy

Are you from Korea and interested in becoming an airline pilot? Our Professional Pilot Program enables international cadets to learn how to fly for airlines in Korea on an F1 visa.

On successful completion of our PPP, you’ll graduate with an FAA license which can be converted to meet KOCA (Korea Office of Civil Aviation) requirements.

L3Harris is one of the few U.S. flight academies trusted by Korean Air to deliver world-class pilot training.

Our Professional Pilot Program is designed to take you from zero flying experience to a successful career as a commercial airline pilot for a Korean airline.

The pilot training program allows cadets the opportunity to develop their skills in the cockpit, providing them with the experience and 'pilot in command' time sought after by many Korean airlines. You’ll also have the ability to apply to work as a Flight Instructor in the U.S. and build flight time, gain experience, and be paid to fly!

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Graduation qualifications include:

  • Private Pilot Certificate
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Pilot Single-Engine Certificate
  • Commercial Multi-Engine Add-on Rating
  • Certified Flight Instructor Certificate

*Enrolling in this program does not guarantee a job placement with an airline.

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Korean Air Pilot Training

Professional Pilot Program Information

For Korean cadets looking to become an airline pilot, this full-time program breaks your training into five separate courses; Private, Instrument, Commercial, Commercial Multi-Engine, and Flight Instructor. In total, you’ll receive over 190 hours of flight time and over 35 hours of simulator time!

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Korean Air Pilot Training

Entry Requirements

To apply to L3Harris Flight Academy, you must meet the following requirements.


Must be at least 17.5 years of age at time of application.

Education and English language

Fluent in English (verbal and written) with a minimum of one of the following:

  • IBTOEFL: 80
  • TOEIC: 790
  • IELTS: 7
  • FAA PPL with English language proficiency

You must have one of the following, or equivalent:

  • A high school diploma with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • Completed 24 college credit hours from an accredited institution with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • Hold a Private Pilot’s Certificate with verification of high school diploma or GED


Be able to obtain and maintain an FAA Medical Certificate.

Approved Aviation Medical Examiners are located all around the world!


Have a valid passport and the ability to receive an F1 visa.

L3Harris Admissions Representatives will guide you through the visa application process.


Proof of funding for the total cost of attendance is required by the US Embassy to receive a student visa.

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Korean Air Pilot Training

What Are My Career Prospects?

Upon graduating from the Professional Pilot Program, cadets will have earned their Flight Instructor Certificate. Graduates of our Professional Pilot Program are guaranteed an interview to instruct at L3Harris Flight Academy!

As a CFI, you’ll earn money while also building up your required 1,500 FAA flying hours to qualify as an airline pilot.

We have connections with legacy, major, regional and charter airlines across the country to provide cadets with a smooth transition from cadet to qualified pilot.

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Korean Air Pilot Training

What Aircraft & Training Equipment Will I Learn To Fly On?

Cadets will learn to fly on one of the most impressive fleets in the U.S. with approximately 100 single-and-multi-engine aircraft, many of which feature glass cockpits and Garmin G1000 instrumentation.

Our single-engine aircraft include:

  • Cirrus SR20
  • Cessna 172P & 172SP
  • Piper Archer PA28

Our multi-engine aircraft include:

  • Piper Seminole

All of our training aircraft are IFR certified and maintained and inspected to the highest safety standards by our dedicated team of FAA-certified mechanics.

L3Harris Flight Academy also has a large range of Flight Training Devices (FTDS) which aim to emulate real-life flying experiences to maximize training time.

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Our fleet

Korean Air Pilot Training

How Much Does Pilot Training Cost?

Tuition for the Professional Pilot Program is $99,500

What’s included?

  • Private Pilot ground school and flight training*
  • Instrument ground school and flight training *
  • Commercial Single Engine ground school and flight training *
  • Commercial Multi Add-On ground school and flight training *
  • Certified Flight Instructor ground school and flight training *
  • Free tutoring in the Learning Resource Center
  • Regulatory exam and skills test fees**

*Flight training includes flight time listed in the Training Course Outline. Any flight time incurred over the listed amount will be charged to the cadet.

**Fees only cover first attempt. If you need to retake, you will have to pay for any further attempts.

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Korean Air Pilot Training

Why Choose L3Harris?

  • Over 30 years of professional pilot training history, helping thousands of cadets realize their dreams of a career in aviation
  • Structured courses crafted to teach cadets to the standards demanded by the airlines
  • 100+ aircraft fleet consisting of the Piper Seminole, Piper Archer, Cessna 172P & 172SP and Cirrus SR20
  • 5 Flight Training Devices (simulators) and several Flat Panel Training Devices to help you learn to fly while on the ground
  • Received FAA Diamond Award for aircraft maintenance for more than 20 years in a row
  • Located in Florida, the Florida Aviation Academy is an ideal location for flight training, providing over 300 flyable days per year
  • Free tutoring from Certified Flight Instructors is available in our Learning Resource Center. Our team is fully invested in your success
  • Dedicated admissions and student services professionals are on campus to helps guide you through your pilot training journey from start to finish

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Korean Pilot Training FAQs

What is the FAA conversion process to KOCA?

Once you have successfully completed your pilot training at L3Harris Flight Academy, you will need to convert your FAA license to meet the requirements of the Korean Office of Civil Aviation.

Once in Korea, you will need to complete a:

  • Medical Check (white card)
  • Wireless Communication Test
  • Korean Aviation Law Test
  • Aviation Knowledge Oral Test
  • Real Flight Test

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Do you provide funding for Korean Pilot Training?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide funding for international cadets.

In order to receive a student visa, and gain acceptance to the Flight Academy, you will need to show full proof of funding for the entire cost of attendance.

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Do you provide housing for Korean Pilot Training?

While we do not have on-campus housing, we do work with many local apartment complexes. Our Admissions Officers can help you find a place to live!

We can also provide transportation between these apartments and the campus.

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Are there any additional costs for Korean Pilot Training?

Yes. Below are some of the additional fees you may encounter throughout your journey to becoming a professional pilot. Prices are subject to change; speak with an Admissions Officer for a comprehensive list.

  • Books and materials: approximately $2,000
  • Health insurance (estimated): $124 per months, based the policy we use currently
  • Living expenses (including housing): approximately $2,000 per month
  • Transportation: Based on individual preference
  • I20 application:
  • I901: $350
  • DS160: $160
  • Visa extension: $485 (if training goes over 12 months)
  • TSA: $130 for each rating (good for 12 months)
  • Finger print: $99
  • Airport badge: $50 (good for 12 months)
  • FAA Medical (estimated): $120 to $200
  • I-765 (OPT Work Authorization Application): $550

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Do I need to pay 100% of tuition up front for Korean Pilot Training?

No! Although international cadets will need to show proof of full funding before they can attend L3Harris Flight Academy, 100% upfront payment is not required.

It is typically required that cadets make an initial payment of at least $10,000 before orientation, and monthly payments of approximately $6,000 thereafter. Speak with an Admissions Officer for exact details!

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Am I guaranteed a job as a Flight Instructor upon graduation of the Korean Pilot Training Program?

While we can't guarantee employment at L3Harris, we do guarantee all graduates of the Professional Pilot Program an interview to become a Flight Instructor.

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