• Program summary
    Program summary

    Each cadet will graduate from the Program with the US Federal Aviation Administration certified:

    • Commercial Pilot License (CPL)
    • Flight Instructor Certificate (CFI)
    • Flight Instructor–Instrument Certificate (CFII)
    • Multi-Engine Instrument Certificate (MEI)
  • Program benefits
    Program benefits
    • Guaranteed Flight Instructor interview upon graduation
    • 96% of graduates who stay with L3Harris Airline Academy to build flight hours go on to be placed with international airlines

Pilot training programs and courses

Le & Partners’ Flight Instructor Program

L3Harris Airline Academy in Sanford, Florida offers aspiring pilots excellent opportunities to become a professional pilot with an international airline.

Program overview

Cadets who successfully complete the pilot training program and receive the Multi-Engine Instrument Certificate have an opportunity to stay with L3Harris after graduation and be employed as a Flight Instructor – this could be with L3Harris Airline Academy or an affiliated flight academy of Le & Partners.

As a Flight Instructor, you can build flight hours quickly and also earn a salary at the same time. The sooner pilots build up flight hours the sooner they can apply for employment opportunities with international airlines.

L3Harris Airline Academy has over 40 years’ experience in pilot training and is located at Sanford International Airport in Orlando, Florida which is a fantastic location for a flight school. They have some of the best Flight Instructors in the world who will share their skills and experience to help you achieve your commercial pilot license.

Want to find out more?

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