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International Students:
How to join L3Harris

L3Harris Airline Academy welcomes international students to both our UK / Europe and U.S.A. Academy pilot training locations! 

Read the information below carefully to find out how you can enroll.

Air India Cadet Pilot Program

How to join L3Harris as an international student

It's important you consider these three steps before beginning your journey to the flight deck!


1. Consider funding

Unfortunately, our funding options are only available to U.S. citizens, so programs for international students are entirely self-funded.

However, depending on your location there may be banks and organizations in your nation offering loans and scholarships respectively, specific to flight training. We cannot advize on this so would recommend you research the options in your nation.

You will also need to provide full proof of funding prior to enrolling on a course or program.


2. Consider visas

If you have your funding set, it's now time to consider visas.

As an international student, you'll need the appropriate visa in order to be able to train with L3Harris Airline Academy in the UK or U.S.

For training on a U.S. program:

You will need to qualify for and receive an M1 Student Visa or F1 Student Visa, depending on the program you select. Reach out to our team to discuss how this process works.

For training on a UK/Europe program:

You'll need to meet the United Kingdom Visa & Immigration Service requirements to qualify for a Visitor or Student visa, depending on the length of your chosen course. Aspects of UK/Europe training take place in the U.S., meaning you will also need to be able to obtain an M-1 Student Visa at that time during your training.


3. Consider your program

If you've got your funding set and are now aware of the visa you will require, you'll need to consider which training route you wish to take. There are two options:

  1. Learning to fly at our UK Academy means you can train to earn a UKCAA, EASA or dual license. A UKCAA license means you can fly for airlines registered in the UK. An EASA license means you can fly for airlines registered in the EU.
  2. Learning to fly at our U.S.A. Academy means you'll be training towards a license granted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Upon graduation, there are options to transfer your license to another aviation authority, perhaps the one in your home nation. We advize you research the transfer process with your home aviation authority.


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